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    What do you think about a sub-folder management for the Pix module ?
    It could help sorting pictures by themes or categories.

    I have few personal pictures (avatar, photo, etc.), some others for different tutorials I created, and others for user submitted news (for the front page of gbatemp).
    I think having folders would be better to manage our pictures space.

    It could be real sub-folder on the server : (not a good idea, I don't like it. I leave this choice only as reference).
    - http://

    or just a virtual sub-folder :
    - http://
    Like actual storage, but in the database let the user set a category for this picture, and show the category as sub-folders icon/tree on the page. (It could be easy to do in ajax on the left panel).
    The later choice would be easier to implement I think, as users can set categories without changing the URL of their already uploaded files, preventing 404 errors on website with current URL.

    The database could use a single text entry to determine all folders and sub-folders, splitting them at a given character (gbatemp, gbatemp|news, personal|photo|2010, etc.) and showing them one by one as a tree.

    Insert at the top of the thumbnails column :
    Root [12]
    |- GBAtemp [0]
    |[​IMG]|- News [5]
    |[​IMG]|- Tutorial [20]
    |- Personal [4]
    [​IMG]|- Photo [0]
    [​IMG][​IMG]|- 2010[5]

    Options could be :
    - Create a new folder
    - Rename this folder
    - Delete this folder (and delete associated pictures)
    - Delete this folder (and move associated pictures to...)
    - Delete only empty folders ? (easier to manage)
    - Move selected picture to folder...
    - Upload to this folder: [drop down menu]

    Moving a picture to another folder would be available on the picture information page only? it will be long to move a lot of picture.
    Anther possibility would be mass command (a page which list current folder's image with checkboxes and an action drop down menu : delete/move)
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    In addition to this could the thumbnails section be paginated- I have over 200 images in there now and seen as they all appear whenever I go to that section it can hammer my connection a bit.

    In the meantime I can always abuse my ad blocking stuff but that is not ideal as I do occasionally need said thumbnails.
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    Thanks for the suggestion but we won't be making any significant changes to the picture upload service any time soon. Sorry!