GBAtemp backers raffle #2 live drawing thread


Oct 24, 2002
Hey guys!

It's almost time... a little less than 1 hour from now!
the stream will be found here:
I have built the list of everyone who's currently in the "patreon backer" group.
The list can be found below. Everyone has got a number. I will pick 5 numbers from

Please note that winners will be verified. I didn't check all 92 members below, because that would take too long, but once the 5 prizes have been assigned, we will check whether the 5 winners have sent their pledge before November 1st (as per the rules of this raffle). Also, some people's payments did not go through so that will have to be verified as well.

The list is:

# Who Wut
1 AaronUzumaki
2 Alm
3 AyanamiRei0
4 B-Blue
5 Benja81
6 Bigkuhuna24
7 blujay
9 Boured
10 Bu2d85
11 CallmeBerto
12 CeeDee
13 Charli
14 Chary
15 creeperdivo
16 crossholo
17 dekuleon
18 Depravo
19 Devin
20 DinohScene
21 DKB
22 Elveman
23 enarky
24 endoverend
25 EyeZ
26 fedehda
27 Fernando51
28 fgghjjkll
29 Flame
30 FredericaBernkastel
31 FrozenIndignation
32 gamecaptor
33 gamesquest1
34 Giodude
35 gnmmarechal
36 gudenau
37 HaiderRaza
38 HCartin
39 HellsMalice
40 HoroHoro
41 IpwnedU!
42 iAqua
43 Issac
44 jamesaa
45 Jayro
46 jurassicplayer
47 KJ1
48 LazyBastard
49 Lia
50 LucaDark
51 lwiz
52 magico29
53 MagnusHydra
54 MajinCubyan
55 Mansize
56 medoli900
57 Memoir
58 mgrev
59 MichiS97
60 mightymuffy
61 migles
62 Minox
63 Noctosphere
64 Olmectron
65 Posghetti
66 pwsincd
67 qqq1
68 Robmead23
69 sarkwalvein
70 Scarlet
71 shaunj66 Admin staff (not included)
72 shlong
73 SonyUSA
74 Spangly
75 SuzieJoeBob
76 TempyFive-O
77 The Real Jdbye
78 Thedanklol
79 Todderbert
80 Tom Bombadildo
81 tomhanks69
82 trainboy2019
83 VashTS
84 VinsCool
85 VMM
86 Voxel
87 WeedZ Wants out (said it here: )
88 wsquan171
89 YueFairchild
90 Zerousen
91 Zoloco
92 zSyntex

Out of those 92 members, two of them aren't going to be eligible for prizes. Shaunj66 is admin and WeedZ said he wants out.
That means, stastistically:
For the first drawing, you have 1 chance out of 90 to win the 5th prize.
For the second drawing, you have 1 chance out of 89 to win the 4th prize.
For the third drawing, you have 1 chance out of 88 to win the 3rd prize.
For the fourth drawing, you have 1 chance out of 87 to win the 2nd prize.
For the fifth drawing, you have 1 chance out of 86 to win the 1st prize (NN2DS XL).

Good luck everyone!
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So, we have a 1/86 of being drawn, but in actuality, chances are that we have a higher chance because some people haven't payed prior to Nov. 1 or didn't post in the thread?


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Mar 14, 2009
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Wait a tic. If I'm randomly drawn 5 times I don't get all 5 prizes? That's what I was planning on.


Oct 24, 2002
after a verification, only 75 members had a valid payment for the month of November...
I will have to verify winners on the spot, otherwise we will end up having invalid winners.
I have prepared a list in Excel so I can easily make verifications. :)


Oct 24, 2002
Congratulations to the winners!
here are the results:
Prize #5 = $25 Amazon gift card Charli @Charli
Prize #4 = $25 Amazon gift card blujay @blujay
Prize #3 = $25 Amazon gift card Mansize @Mansize
Prize #2 = $25 Amazon gift card zSyntex @zSyntex
Prize #1 = Nintendo New 2DS XL dekuleon @dekuleon

Winners of the amazon gift cards, please get in touch with @shaunj66 for your prize.
Dekuleon, I will be sending you a PM shortly :) congrats!
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