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Tempmas 2021 Raffle Giveaway - entry thread (CLOSED)


Merry Christmas, or rather, Merry Tempmas, everyone! Just as promised, it's time for the annual Tempmas event. Our lovely Admins are giving away some great prizes for a handful of lucky winners! If you weren't already aware, here's what's going to be raffled!

  • Prize #5, #4, #3: A Nintendo Switch game of your choice!
  • Prize #2: A Nintendo Switch Lite!
  • Prize #1: A Nintendo Switch OLED!!
So, how do you win? It's quite simple! Just post in this thread, and you, along with all the other commenters, will be entered into the raffle, which will run until December 31st at 11:59 GMT. After that, this thread will be locked, and a live drawing will be done on the official GBAtemp Twitch channel on New Year's Day.

Any GBAtemp users are free to enter! All you need is an account.

However, in order to make sure the winner is legitimate or to avoid dupe entries (which you should know, alternate accounts are against our rules!) the winners will be verified after the draw. If both the winner's account was registered after this thread was posted, AND is found to use a proxy or VPN to access the site, they will be excluded, and a re-draw will take place for their prize.


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