Gateway 3DS basic questions

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    Mar 9, 2015

    Bare with me regarding these questions. I've read a lot regarding the 3DS flashcard that actually play 3ds ROMS.
    Currently i own a DSTWO which is a bit outdated and thinking of upgrading to Sky3DS or Gateway 3DS.
    I'm leaning towards the Gateway but i have some questions that I need answers to first.

    1. The Red Gateway is for 3DS and the Blue for DS?
    2. Can I also play DS games or even Gameboy games?
    3. I also heard about Sky3DS but I know that this does not support DS games at all. True?
    4. The Sky3DS also supports online gaming. Does Gateway support that too and how?
    5. If I have an upgraded 3DS 9.5 (as of now) can I downgrade it through Gateway?
    6. If the said system is 9.5 and there is a new Gateway update, can I update it from there or I need a 3DS with older version firmware?

    If there is an older post that answers these questions please point it out. I searched but I got more confused in the process.

    Thanks in advanced.
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    If you're on 9.5 your only option is sky. No downgrading from 9.5. Sky emulates 3ds carts only, no DS. It acts as an actual cart would.
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