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Feb 24, 2007
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Nihao all.

Since this is my 100th post (yay), I decided to make (guess what?) a <i><b>list</b></i> with the games that have issues when played through the R4, and their fixes.
I'll <b>try</b> to keep this list updated, but I won't be able to do this alone, so I guess I'll need some help here.
Please note that this list only cover the Original R4 DS, so no clones here (unless someone wants to contribuite with info).

So far, this will be only a draft, as I'll develop it to a, probably, better way to see the informations.
Just to make it clear, I did <b>not</b> "discovered" any of this fixes, ok? I'm just compiling'em in this thread. All the credits must go to the whoever found'em.

With no more delays, here it is:

<div align="center"><!--coloro:#0000FF--><span style="color:#0000FF"><!--/coloro--><!--sizeo:6--><span style="font-size:24pt;line-height:100%"><!--/sizeo--><b>The R4's Problematic Games List</b><!--sizec--></span><!--/sizec--><!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc--></div>

First of all, some links that may help you out:

<a href='index.php?showtopic=95774'>Guide to Editing and Saving Cheats</a>: You will learn how to perform the addition of cheats to you cheat file.
<a href='index.php?showtopic=164359'>Guide to install the YSmenu on your R4</a>: The triassic911's way of doing it. Longer but you will understand better what you are doing.
<a href='index.php?showtopic=103879'>Guide to install the YSmenu on your R4</a>: The Maikel Steneker's way of doing it (aka R4YSauto). Easier, but you will not understant beans of the process. >-p
<a href='index.php?showtopic=94755'>Guide on how to patch games with an arm7.bin file</a>: Here you will learn how to apply the ARM 7 patch, usually needed when you get the "Save file not found" message.
<a href="http://blog.dev-scene.com/ratx/archives/category/dslazy" target="_blank">DS Lazy</a>: This is one of the tools used to apply ARM 7 fixes.
<a href="http://fusoya.eludevisibility.org/lips/index.html" target="_blank">Lunar IPS Patcher</a>: This is one app to apply IPS patches to your ROM file.

<div align="center"><!--coloro:#4169E1--><span style="color:#4169E1"><!--/coloro--><!--sizeo:5--><span style="font-size:18pt;line-height:100%"><!--/sizeo-->The games<!--sizec--></span><!--/sizec--><!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc--></div>

<b><u>Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (GTA: CW)</u></b>
<b>Problem:</b> "The save data couldn't be accessed."
<b>Solutions:</b><ol type='1'><li> Use YSMenu + Action Replay cheat code<ul><li> Use an Action Replay app to edit your cheat file</li><li> Set <b>YGXE DEE4AA12</b> as game ID</li><li> Set <b>020FCB3C 22329203</b> as the access code</li></ul></li><li> Apply the ARM 7 fix<ul><li> Listing 2 patches:<ul><li> <a href="http://www.sendspace.com/file/iarjbd" target="_blank">Patch 1</a></li><li> <a href="http://www.sendspace.com/file/qyxjon" target="_blank">Patch 2</a> <- It's said not to work on Cyclo</li></ul></li><li> With the DS Lazy, open your ROM</li><li> Click 'NDS Unpack'</li><li> Open the unpacked files and replace the <b>ARM9.bin</b> file with the one from the patch (it's not necessary to replace the ARM7.bin file)</li><li> Click 'NDS Packer'</li><li> Create your new modified and fixed backup</li></ul></li></ol><b>Problem:</b> The game crashes ramdonly
<b>Solutions:</b><ol type='1'><li> Buy a faster Micro SD card</li><li> Try formatting yoyr Micro SD card</li><li> It's reported that having too many cheats activated will crash the game. Try disabling some</li></ol>
<b><u>Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time (FFCC: EoT)</u></b>
<b>Probem:</b> Can't save
<b>Solutions:</b><ol type='1'><li> Use YSMenu</li><li> Use an Action Replay code<ul><li> Use an Action Replay app to edit your cheat file</li><li> Set <b>CFIP bdf2859f</b> as game ID</li><li> Set<ul><li> <b>020CAE64 E3A00000</b></li><li> <b>020CAE68 E12FFF1E</b></li><li> <b>020CB1CC E3A00000</b></li><li> <b>020CB1D0 E12FFF1E</b></li></ul> as the anti-piracy bypass code</li></ul></li></ol><b>Problem:</b> "Loading Error. Please turn off the DS and insert the DS-Card again"
<b>Solutions:</b><ol type='1'><li> Use YSMenu</li></ol>
<b><u>Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (KH: 358/2 D)</u></b>
<b>Problem:</b> After selecting the difficulty level, the game freezes
<b>Solutions:</b><ol type='1'><li> Edit your ROM with a Hex Editor<ul><li> Use an HEx Editor to open your ROM</li><li> Search for the string <b>01 E2 0C 51 00 0D</b></li><li> Change the <b>0C</b> to <b>37</b></li><li> Save your file</li></ul></li><li> Use YSMenu</li><li> Patch your ROM<ul><li> There are two patches around:<ul><li> The <a href='index.php?showtopic=158107'>NDSTemp way</a><ul><li> Download <a href="http://www.4shared.com/file/108564750/d8a6ebb0/kh_patch.html" target="_blank">the patcher</a></li><li> Download the patch<ul><li> <a href="http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?3jonnezdntm" target="_blank">Link 1</a></li><li> <a href="http://files.filefront.com/Kingdom+Hearts+352+Over+2hrar/;13824621;/fileinfo.html" target="_blank">Link 2</a></li></ul></li><li> Move the KH: 358/2 D ROM to the same folder as the patcher and the patch</li><li> Rename the ROM to <b>nrp-khdj.nds</b></li><li> Run the patcher (<b>kh_patch</b>) <- Note that the command box will only appear for about a second</li></ul></li><li> The <a href='index.php?showtopic=158172'>anandjones way</a> (Posted by Exbaddude)<ul><li> Download the <a href="http://anandjones.romulation.net/files/kh.ips" target="_blank">IPS patch</a></li><li> Apply the IPS patch to your ROM file using an IPS patcher application</li></ul></li></ul></li></ul></li></ol>
<b><u>Mario & Luigi 3: Bowser's Inside Story (M&L 3: BIS)</u></b>
<b>Problem:</b> When trying to access a save file, the game freezes (sound is still OK)
<b>Solutions:</b><ol type='1'><li> <a href='index.php?showtopic=182048'>WarioN64's method</a><ul><li> Files you will need<ul><li> <a href="http://home.usay.jp/pc/etc/nds/" target="_blank">YSMenu0903270000</a> <- Search for "EZ3in1+ NOR" (no quotes)</li><li> <a href="http://filetrip.net/f4558-MoonShell-%28Lite-Pack%29-2-03.html" target="_blank">MoonShell 2.03 Stable "Lite"</a></li><li> <a href="http://chishm.drunkencoders.com/DLDI/" target="_blank">DLDI</a></li><li> linoul's <a href="http://filetrip.net/f4563-YSloader-For-MoonShell2.html" target="_blank">YSloader for MoonShell 2</a></li><li> <a href="http://filetrip.net/f977-r4denc.html" target="_blank">r4denc</a></li><li> R4YSauto</li></ul></li><li> How to make it work (sorry, I copy / pasted)<ul><li> Extract the <b>moonshl2</b> directory and <b>moonshl2_DirectBoot.nds</b> to the root of your flashcart</li><li> DLDI patch <b>moonshl2_DirectBoot.nds</b> with the R4 DLDI data</li><li> Extract the <b>nds.YSloaderForMS2.nds</b> and <b>config.ini</b> files from linoul's package to the <b>/moonshl2/extlink</b> folder<ul><li> DLDI patch the <b>nds.YSoaderForMS2.nds</b> file</li></ul></li><li> Extract the files of the r4denc package on your desktop</li><li> Copy your R4 DLDI patched <b>moonshl2_DirectBoot.nds</b> from the root of your MicroSD to the r4denc directory</li><li> Drag <b>moonshl2_DirectBoot.nds</b> over <b>r4enc.exe</b>. This will produce a file called <b>moonshl2.nds.DAT</b><ul><li> Rename the <b>moonshl2_DirectBoot.nds.DAT</b> file to <b>_DS_MENU.DAT</b></li></ul></li><li> Copy the <b>_DS_MENU.DAT</b> file to the root of your card and replace your offcial R4 firmware</li><li> Use the <b>LanguageSelect.nds</b> to change the Moonshell2 firmware language to your perfered language</li><li> Create a new directory on your desktop called <b>r4ysauto</b><ul><li> Extract the contents of the r4ysauto package you downloaded into this directory</li></ul></li><li> Copy the YSMenu package you downloaded into the <b>r4ysauto</b> directory</li><li> Run <b>r4config.bat</b> and answer the questions with these answers<ul><li> <i>Language</i>: <b>EN</b></li><li> <i>Flashcart</i>: <b>R4</b></li><li> <i>Overwrite</i>: <b>Yes</b></li><li> <i>Skin</i>: <b>No</b></li><li> <i>YSMenu Language</i>: <b>EN</b></li><li> <i>Ways To Install YSMenu</i>: <b>4</b></li><li> <i>Automatic Updates</i>: <b>Off</b></li></ul></li><li> Run <b>r4.bat</b>. This will produce the <b>R4_custom_English.zip</b> file<ul><li> Extract the files of this archive into the root of your card</li></ul></li><li> Create a new directory called <b>ysmenu</b> at the root of your card</li><li> Move the <b>YSMenu.nds</b> file you extracted from the R4_custom_English archive into the <b>ysmenu</b> directory</li><li> DLDI-patch the <b>YSMenu.nds</b> file</li><li> Copy and paste the Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story ROM onto the cart</li><li> Remove the MicroSD from the PC and put it in the R4</li><li> Boot up the game, obvioulsy</li><li> Due to a bug you can't launch homebrew through YSMenu. You can fix this by downloading <a href="http://www.mediafire.com/?nmngdu1hctw" target="_blank">this file</a> and placing it in the <b>TTMenu</b> directory</li></ul></li></ul></li><li> <a href='index.php?showtopic=182050'>twiztidsinz's method</a> (aka modded YSMenu)<ul><li> Download the <a href="http://www.mediafire.com/?mtbzmy2wlzz" target="_blank">modded YSMenu</a></li><li> Download the latest modded DSTT menu <a href="http://home.usay.jp/pc/etc/nds/" target="_blank">here</a></li><li> Create your YSMenu and run the game from it</li></ul></li></ol>
<b><u>Phantasy Star 0 (PS 0)</u></b>
<b>Problem:</b> Can't play online with friends or random people
<b>Solutions:</b><ul><li> For the Xenophobia (XPA) release<ul><li> Download <a href="http://filetrip.net/f8660-Phantasy-Star-O-Crack-Fix-1-0.html" target="_blank">this patch</a> and apply it</li></ul></li><li> For the Bahamut release<ul><li> Download <a href="http://filetrip.net/f8673-Phantasy-Star-O-Bahamut-Patch-1-0.html" target="_blank">this patch</a> and apply it</li></ul></li></ul>
<b><u>Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (C: PoR)</u></b>
<b>Problem:</b> The game crashes randomly
<b>Solutions:</b><ol type='1'><li> Buy a faster Micro Sd card (1 or 2Gb japanese or tawaneese will do)</li><li> Try formatting your Micro SD card (maybe it's fragmented)</li><li> If you can't buy a new Micro SD card, following these next steps may soften the problem<ul><li> Always save before talking to Wind</li><li> Always save before using an Teleporter Portrait</li><li> Before using a Teleport Portrait or talking to Wind, wait until all the animations cease</li><li> Never use the High-speed enhancement for mor than 2 screens</li><li> Do not press <b>Start</b> after defeating a boss</li><li> Beware of entering the Item List</li></ul></li></ol><b>Problem:</b> The game crashes after defeating Death for the first time
<b>Solutions:</b><ul><li> This is not a flashcard's problem, but a game's flaw. To avoid this, do not skip the dialog part after defeating Death (do not press Start)</li></ul>
<b><u>Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (SC: TDB)</u></b>
<b>Problem:</b> "The save data could not be accessed. Please turn the power off and reinsert the DS card."
<b>Solutions:</b><ol type='1'><li> Use YSmenu</li><li> Apply the ARM 7 fix (use the one from Kirby Superstar Ultra)</li></ol>
<b><u>Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Rings of Fate (FFCC: RoF)</u></b>
<b>Problem:</b> "Thank You for playing" message from a Moogle after 20 (or random) minutes playing and then the game resets itself.
<b>Solution:</b><ul><li> Update your firmware to 1.18</li></ul>

Dragon Quest IV (DQ 4)


Chrono Trigger (CT)


Again, I'll ask You all not to polute this topic too much. <b>Any</b> help will be welcome, specially if it means telling me which games have problems and their workarounds.
See ya.

<i>[Edit 01]</i>: Corrected some typos, added an information and some fixes for KH: 358/2 D and M&L 3: BIS (Thanks r4ymond) and used the spoiler tag (makes it better to visualize).
<i>[Edit 02]</i>: Corrected some typos, added an information and some fixes for PS0 and C: PoR.
<i>[Edit 03]</i>: Added a link for the ARM 7 guide and some fixes for SC: TDB and FFCC: RoF

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