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PalMod Version 1.71 beta 02 has been released.
PalMod is a fan project allowing you to edit colors (also known as palettes) for various fighting games.
What PalMod does is update very certain areas of the game ROMs where the games store color values.
Only the colors change, the gameplay is unaffected.

PalMod v1.71
Last Blade 2 support.
Improved sprite and palette coverage: Jojos, KOF01, Super Turbo.

PalMod v1.70
Art of Fighting 3 support.
Clay Fighter: Tournament Edition support.
DanKuGa support.
Fatal Fury Special (SNES) support.
Gundam Wing: Endless Duel support.
KOF94 support.
KOF99AE support.
KOF01 support.
Neo Bomberman support.
Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters 2 support.
Samurai Shodown IV support.
MvC2 Dreamcast and Playstation 2 modes can now export to the other platform.
ARGB7888 support for Arc Sys games. Note that this is the first 4-byte-wide color support in PalMod.
RGB333 support for old Sega platform games and such.
Improved sprite and palette coverage: Karnov's Revenge, KOF01, KOF03, Matrimelee, MvC2, Red Earth, SamSho3, SamSho5Sp, SF3, Super Gem Fighter.

PalMod v1.69
Preview :: File :: Export Image now has Indexed PNG support. Highly recommended. Exported PNGs can now be drag and dropped onto a friend's PalMod: they'll get that exact palette in PalMod.
Bleach: Dark Souls (NDS) support.
King of Fighters 2003 (2004 EX Ultra Plus) support.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Fighting Edition (USA) support.
Street Fighter III:4rd Strike support
Allow customization of how Unknown Game exports alpha when patching ROMs in that mode.
Updated sprites for various games, various new palettes for a bunch of games.

PalMod v1.68
Breakers Revenge support.
KOF:XI support.
Matrimelee support.
NeoGeo Battle Coliseum support.
SFIII: The New Generation support.
Windjammers support.
SFIII:3S SIMM rerip: add Gill support.
Drag and drop support for ACT, PAL (Microsoft RIFF), PNG (indexed), and RAW files.
Integrated color picker: press CTRL+SHIFT+V to have PalMod paste the color of whatever color your mouse cursor is on.
Preview window now has Click to Find: click any color there and PalMod will show matching colors in the palette. Turn on/off in the Preview window's Settings menu.
New/improved sprites for CvS2, KOF02/UM, MSHvSF, MVC1, MVC2, SFA1/2/3, SF3, ST-GBA, VHUNT2, VSAV, VSAV2, and SamSho5Sp.

PalMod v1.67
Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition and Hyper Edition support.
Street Fighter III: Second impact support.
Super Street Fighter II X/Turbo Revival for GBA support.
Unknown Game mode (replaces Unknown NEO*GEO mode).
Lots of new palettes and sprites from the art team.
Improved color handling.

PalMod v1.66
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special support.
Samurai Shodown 3 support.
Street Fighter Alpha 1 support.
Vampire Savior support.
Vampire Savior 2 support.
Vampire Hunter 2 support.
Waku Waku 7 support.
SFIII-A Gill support (ROM 10).
Improved color handling for CVS2, KOF02UM, and 3S-DC.
Lots of new and improved sprite previews.

PalMod v1.65
Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix (USA 970904) support.
Red Earth/Warzard (EURO 961121) support.
Karnov's Revenge support.
Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha 960826 support.
3S-DC: add Remy editing.
3S-Arcade: Portrait, character select, and stage support.
3S-Arcade-Rerip: Support extras, support the Japan ROM set.
COTA: support for '94 revisions.
IPS Patch file generation support.
Jojos: Stage sprites.
KOF02UM: Fix a palette sorting issue affecting portraits for characters starting with K.
MVC1: Euro 980123 version support.
MvC2 Arcade Rerip: write-out support. Allow transparency.
ST: Portraits and super trails.
SFA2: improved 960306 support, new portraits.
SFA3: Cody, Sodom move palettes.

PalMod v1.64
SNK vs Capcom Plus A support.
Samurai Shodown 5 Special support.
Support for Jojos/MvC2/SFIII3 arcade MAME rerips via Load Directory.
Rewrote PalMod's SFIII3 support to more easily add things like the new stage palettes.
SFIII3, KOF02, KOF02, Jojos: new/updated sprites and palettes.
Windows 10 Color Picker Power Toy paste support.

PalMod v1.63
SFA2 support. Select either a 960229 or 960306 ROM and we'll figure it out.
KOF02UM portrait updates.
MSFT RIFF .PAL palette import support.
New sprites and palettes for KOF98, KOF02, and SF3.

PalMod v1.62
Portrait palettes for KOF02UM.
Fixed a really old rare crash when using the mouse to select palette colors.

PalMod v1.61
Updated palettes for KOF02UM, MvC2-Arcade, and Jojo's.
Added "Unknown NEO*GEO" support back. Microsoft's latest linker has a bug: turning off LTCG:Incremental for now so that the Unknown option works again.
Add a spinner control for changing RGBA values.

PalMod v1.60
MvC2-Arcade: Completely align read/writes with Dreamcast logic so that proc_supp works correctly. Old PalMod versions can result in broken colors for MvC2-Arcade: please use 1.60 or newer.
KOF:02 (NEOGEO) support added.
Tools::Save Palette now allows export to GIMP's "GPL" palette file format.
Removed "Unknown NEO*GEO" support temporarily.
Updated SFA3 sprites.

PalMod v1.56
Important Change: PalMod now builds Unicode instead of MBCS (functionally ANSI) as it used to. This is not something you should notice, but it was a huge change internally. If you see anything weird, please let me know immediately.
Garou: Mark of the Wolves (Steam) support added.
General: Salvage and warn for user-defined Extras that are out of bounds. More actionable warning for people that forget to extract img2020.dat. Revised the About dialog.
Jojos: new palettes, new sprites. We now warn you if you try to load a Venture ROM using Jojos support.
MVC2-Dreamcast: Team View (at the end of the character list).
SFA3: Portrait palettes.
CVS2, KOF02UM: Updated sprites.

PalMod v1.55
CVS2 (Arcade/NAOMI) support added.
Jojos/SFA3: New sprites.

PalMod v1.54
KOF02UM (Steam) support added.
Jojos: new palettes added.

PalMod v1.53
KOF98 support added.
Tools : Load Palettes will now read color tables from indexed PNGs and use that.
Added new "Unknown NEO*GEO" option when loading ROMs: You can use this with an Extras file to explore ROMs PalMod doesn't know about.
Jojos, Garou: new palettes added.

PalMod v1.52
General: Add support for NEO*GEO colors (RGB666). Which leads to...
Garou: Mark of the Wolves support added.
General: Game information is now loaded only when you load that game. That means you can make live updates to your Extras file and then just use Load Last File to reload the game and your Extras file. PalMod startup is now faster and it uses 2MB less memory on startup.
General: Various fine tuning of Extras file support and de-dupe logic/messaging to make things easier with those.

PalMod v1.51
Jojos: dynamically reload/update the Extras file when reloading the game, new sprites, new palettes
MVC2-Arcade: re-sort the UI, add a new Team View option at the bottom of the "character" list
Improved ACT support: handle miswritten "colorless" ACTs, better handling of 256 color palettes in 8 color per line / 128 color per page mode (but you really want to use 16 color per line mode if you're using 256 color palettes.)

PalMod v1.50 version jump due to significant internal changes

Update defaults
PalMod v1.22 (2008)

Fixed ANOTHER image display bug! Bitmap of the preview window assigned an incorrect size upon subsequent size calculation.
Fixed a small palette selection bug. If there is a reload of the same game, sliders are stuck at 0 until you select single entries.
(Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike)
Fixed EX attack offsets.
PalMod v1.21

Fixed a small image display bug. Program crashes when the image is larger than the control.
PalMod v1.2

Minor Select All / Select None bug fixed.
Fixed a minor palette selection bug, where you had to click a single selected index 3 times to deselect.
Added Revert function.
Added Invert function.
Added Tools menu.
Added Load ACT file / Save ACT file.
Added Image Export function
Fixed error where there was no prompt to save changes when attempting to load a file.
Fixed preview background image errors.
Fixed blink crash when changing palettes.
Fixed small palette selection error, where only one index was selected if you lifted the mouse button up while out of the control.
(Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike)
Added portrait for each character (except Gill).
Alphabetized the character list.
Added the following extras:
Ken's Shoryuken Flames
Ken's Hadouken
Oro's Tengu Stones
Urien's Intro
(Marvel VS Capcom 2)
Fixed Ryu's bad image offsets on button extras.
Added the folliwing extra images:
Spider-Man's omni extra images.
Rogue's omni extra images.
Spiral's omni extra images.
Son Son's Monkey King image.
PalMod v1.1 Initial Release

  • MvC2-Naomi: Use the supplemental processing logic. This means you don't have to edit related Extras sprites yourself for the main character sprite.
  • MvC2-Dreamcast: Fixes a bunch of issues in the supplemental processing logic affecting Spider-Man, Jin, Megaman, Roll, Iceman, and Silver Samurai.
  • Jojos: Desert Noon stage sprites.
    PalMod v1.43
  • MvC2: Naomi support.
  • Jojos: Many new sprites.
  • MSH: Character select portraits.
  • SFA3: Stage palettes.
    PalMod v1.42
  • General: Add 16 color per line view. This should be useful for editing stages.
  • General: Allow up to 256 color palettes. You can view those fully in 16 color per line mode: in normal 8 color per line mode we'll show them across two pages. Currently only used for MSH portraits.
  • General: Fix support for Photoshop ACT "772 byte" file write/reads.
  • General: improve internal handling of Extras. We now support up to 10,000 extras per file. That's mostly ridiculous unless you're spelunking a ROM, but hey you can do it.
  • Jojo's: New preview sprites from string! Adds Khan, Avdol, and Petshop.
  • MvC2: Use Eidrian's Palette Guide description strings for all moves. Should make things easier.
  • COTA: Expose the palettes for character select icons, portraits, and Colossus shine/super portraits.
    PalMod v1.41
  • Add COTA support. Should be complete: feedback is welcomed as always.
  • More sprites for Jojos/MSHvSF.
  • XMvSF: status effect palettes.
  • MSHvSF: Shuma P2 and some other palettes.
  • Jojos: improved palette ranges.
    PalMod v1.40
  • General: Larger palette display for portraits and such.
  • MvC: Close to complete sprite and portrait coverage.
  • General: Improved Extras support and multisprite Export Image.
    PalMod v1.39
  • Vs Series: a lot of new sprites and portraits.
  • General: Fixed display on high DPI systems.
  • Jojo's: Starting to add sprites. Just need more RAW texture files and we can plug those in.
    PalMod v1.38
  • Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter: Add support.
  • Enable multisprite export for all the games.
  • Various new sprites.
    PalMod v1.37
  • SFA3: add sprites for all characters
  • ST/SFA3: Move to new code layout style. Also fixed a Blanka Color 9 palette glitch since it has a quirk in the ROM.
    PalMod v1.36
  • Added Marvel Super Heroes support.
  • MVC 1: add sprites for the Character Select / Duo portraits
  • General: fix various old bugs.
    PalMod v1.35
  • MvC 1: new palettes: Character Select, Super, Victory Screen, and Character Select Icons.
  • General: fix various old bugs.
    PalMod v1.34
  • General: You can now load external sprites for previews in PalMod. Use File :: Load Texture in the Preview window. We only support RAW texture files and need the width and height in the filename, as in "" or "alex-W-111-H-115.raw". Yes RAW files are weird. This support is brand new and will be refined further as we go along.
    PalMod v1.33
  • Jojos: Lots of updates to the Jojos layout per feedback from the community. Also adds support for a lot more of the Jojos palettes. The "letter" updates (133a, 133b, etc) are all just new Jojos hexes.
    PalMod v1.32
  • Jojos: Integrate Jojos editing. Make sure to use the new Jojos mode when you choose Load File. If you need further Extras past this the filenames are jojos50e.txt and jojos51e.txt respectively. Please note that you probably don't need to use a Jojos extra file: everything should be in PalMod now. Any ROM areas duplicated between PalMod and your Extras file will not patch properly: any Jojos extra file nowadays should be very small.
    PalMod v1.31
  • MvC2: Fix SonSon's supplemental palette handling. Fix a case where "check my edit" would incorrectly say that the mix couldn't be fixed.
    PalMod v1.30
  • MvC2: New autopatching! The new "Check My Edits" button does a simple validation pass over your palettes, ensuring that if you had changed Cyclops, for example, that his associated HK palette was also changed. This "Check My Edits" option is meant for previously created mixes and should help you fix those in seconds.
    PalMod v1.29
  • MvC2 "Process Supplement Palettes": Fixed a longstanding integer overflow issue affecting Megaman, Spiral, and Shuma's Extra palettes. Spiral was just for A2 colors, Megaman was for HK, A1, and A2, and Shuma was just broken.
    PalMod v1.28
  • MvC2 "Process Supplement Palettes": Fixed Sent's Extra 01 copy, handle all Spiral's Dance frames, and fixed Wolvie/Bonevie's berserker barrage trail effect. This is everything I'm aware of that needed fixing for supplement palettes: please hit me up if I missed anything.
    PalMod v1.27
  • MvC2: Fix support for dual palette handling, as in Tron Bonne and CapCom's Extra 02 and 03. This is the correct fix for the original "Hover" crash that plagued everybody in the 1.22 hack builds that went around.
  • MvC2 "Process Supplement Palettes": When you update the LP palette for characters in Spiral's Metamorphosis Dance super, those are now also copied over to the appropriate Extra palettes for Spiral.
    PalMod v1.26
  • MvC2 "Process Supplement Palettes": If this Easy Mode is on, we now automatically tint the extra sprites for Cyclops (0x5a for LP), Zangief (0x17-0x19 for LP), and Cammy (0x9-0x11 for LP). The tint factors are tweakable, so let me know if it should be adjusted further.
  • MvC2 "Process Supplement Palettes": Handle MechaGief (0x11 to 0x29-2b for LP) and Lilith (Morrigan's Extra 1 to 0x4b-4c for LP). Fixed Morrigan's taunt sprites, Spiderman's Spider Signal sprites, and Rogue's taunt / win pose.
  • PhotoShop compat: Use 772b ACT files instead of 768b ACT files, as 772 works better with PhotoShop.
    PalMod v1.25
  • ST: Used an img.dat with ST sprites.
  • XMvSF/ST: Fixed a crash when trying to export sprites.
  • XMvSF: Updated palette editing: friendly names and additional sprites are used where known or available.
  • 3S for DC: Fixed saving changes back to the palette files.
    PalMod v1.24
  • MvC1: We now show sprites we had from the MvC2 work where appropriate: most characters and effects have sprites now.
  • MvC1: Add editing for Ken, Akuma, and MechaGief. Added Megaman's extra palettes. So so many.
  • MvC1: Add editing for every assist palette that I'm aware. Thanks to IceManual for helping gather those offsets.
  • Fix editing X-Ism palettes for SFA3.
  • MvC1: Add support for extensible extra palettes. The stock mvce.txt included adds in support for a few of the assist characters. That should help you get started. I may flesh that out further as I have time. The format should be fairly logical. For characters with larger ranges you might want to do 0x00020 through 0x00060, perhaps, instead of just the 32 (0x20) palettes I demonstrate here.
  • Various code cleanup and we remember window position. Hopefully that's not annoying.
    PalMod v1.23 (2020)
    Hello again! This is fundamentally a minor release, but is the first in a very long time. Expect regular small updates for a while on a close to daily basis. Check back regularly for updates. Changes:
  • MvC1: Fixed editing for Gambit, Morrigan, and Shadow Lady thanks to help from IceManual.
  • String updates: make sure we display full version information everywhere.
  • Get Roll's supplemental palettes as functional as Megaman's are.
  • Fixed Gief's boots/clothes supplemental palette generation. Gief's supplemental body frames (palettes 0x17-0x19 and 0x29-2B, indexes 1-7) are TINTs and have not been touched yet.
  • Reverted to the Dec 2008 image.dat as that has better coverage of Extra sprites.
  • Fixed Ice-Man's supplemental palette generation.
  • Fixed Chun-Li's supplemental palette generation.
  • Fixed alpha being reset when switching between 32bit/8bit display
  • Fixed a crash on palette selection
  • Add some warning/error messages
  • Various UI tweaks

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