Fixing bricked DSLite (Flashme) ?

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Well, got myself a cheap DSLite today.

Tried to install Flashme V8 on it, so far so good.

got the % up to 50 percent. and boom, DSLite turns off
(Funny though, back in the days I flashed 15 or more DS Phats and lites and this *never* happened once)

DSLite was charged for multiple hours prior to this.

Only reaction to get from this (bricky?) device now is to evoke some white screens upon holding Select+Start.
(I surmise this is the failsafe recovery feature... however it fails to boot DSTwo, DSXtreme R4 or any Slot 2 card...)

Any ideas ?

Ok.. seems it was just my SCDSTwo that took forever to boot.
The flash progress even remained at 51%. wow. Impressive software engineering.
*Pulls hat to devs*
Huh... same thing again. This time with charger connected... why does the Lite power down as soon as I touch the SL1 ?
(Did Nintendo add a "annoyance" feature to the later DS's ?)
Are my Screwdrivers made from plastic or something ? Aside from the Alufoil'd toothpick(which will constantly turn the DS off) all the metal-y things I have in my household don't seem to budge this counter even a lil %...
(All I want is to get rid of is the dang Health Warning Screen...
Final EDIT:
All hail the torque screwdriver ! Yup. fixed.

All in all:
- be prepared to wait some time... booting a Slot 1 Card will take some time
=> If you turn your DS on while holding Select+Start and get two white screens and a blinking LED light: Right on track (Flashme'll save you)
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Question: except R4, there is hacking on ds fat/dslite ?
If your question is "Is there a reason to still install Flashme on a DS nowadays with the Slot 1 cards available and noone really running into bricker software anymore":

Well like I said:
I "hacked" it to get rid of the dang Health and Safety warning screen (took it for granted to be gone, as my phat has had it removed since 2008 or something...)


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Just in case someone ends up here via a search one day there is an option called ppflash that can flash a firmware chip if you want to solder up a cable.

Question: except R4, there is hacking on ds fat/dslite ?
R4 is just a type of flash cart. I know it got twisted to mean all such things a la jailbreaking meaning all types of hacks but don't do it now you know. In addition to general flash carts there are also the enhanced flash carts like the supercard dstwo which afford a bit more processing power which some homebrew uses.

Anyway flashme is one of the custom firmwares, and the only one I would suggest using (the others are more proof of concept or really really outdated).

There was another thing that went in the DS slot called dsserial which added a hardware serial communications protocol. Some homebrew used it, most notably some audio programs. Today you would be far better served with an arduino, raspberry pi, teensy or one of the thousand other such devices.

If you want you can tap the button hardware test points (or traces or anywhere you like) to do rapid fire, autofire or sequenced inputs, or I guess wire in another controller. This is boring and basic and able to be done on just about anything (the only thing I know of with any kind of secured inputs are cash machines if you open it and look.

The video out of the DS was captured. See jumbotron DS.

I imagine you could up the volume of the headphone jack.

So yeah pretty much just get a flash cart and do flashme if you want the no health and safety screen and no wifi hashing functions. No H&S is worth it for me but some learn to live with it.
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Ha FAST6191 fancy meeting you here xD. (Kinda expected you to be the 2nd poster or something :D)

Regarding those tools: The DS alot of attention from hobby devs.

The Darkfader method sadly'd require soldering and a sophisticated understanding of communicating to the chipset via PC transmission if I recall correctly.

Thank godness I didn't have to walk that path. (Not that I would have, the Lite was cheap, yet a brick I find simply unacceptable..)

Too bad not much development is going on regarding the DS nowadays. is pretty much dead for example...
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