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    Nov 20, 2015
    United States
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    This is a patch that vastly expands the amount of same-sex marriages available in all versions of Fire Emblem: Fates, as well as adding new straight ones (especially for the poor Corrinsexuals). Due to the straight supports given to Scarlet, Flora, and Anna, the problem with getting all the child characters as M!Corrin should no longer be an issue.

    Download the latest release here.
    I've started compiling the new support conversations in video format here.

    • v
      • Fixed error where Niles's gender byte was set to 01 ("female")
    • v 0.6.2
      • Miscellaneous Support Option Revisions
      • Added C-S Support Conversations for:
        • Selena x Hana
        • Selena x Mozu
        • Azura x Rinkah
        • Azura x Kagero
        • Azura x Mozu
        • Azura x Orochi
        • Azura x Peri
        • Rhajat x Soleil
        • Rhajat x Sophie
        • Rhajat x Nina
        • Rhajat x Ignatius
        • Rhajat x Velouria
        • Rhajat x Midori
        • Rhajat & Female Kana
        • Rhajat x Siegbert
        • Elise x Hayato
        • Niles x Xander
      • Added C-A Support Conversations for:
        • Selena & Rhajat
        • Selena & Soleil
        • Azura & Shiro
        • Azura & Female Kana
        • Azura & Siegbert
      • Added Family Support Conversations for:
        • Shigure & Rinkah P/C
        • Shigure & Kagero P/C
        • Shigure & Mozu P/C
        • Shigure & Orochi P/C
        • Shigure & Peri P/C
        • Shigure & Selena P/C
        • Male Kana & Rhajat P/C
        • Rhajat & Elise P/C
        • Siegbert & Niles P/C
        • Nina & Xander P/C
        • Nina & Siegbert Sibs
    • v 0.6.1
      • Edited Forrest/Leo to accommodate same sex couples
      • Reverted the M!Corrin/Forrest C back to its original form
      • Added Support Options for:
        • Oboro x Peri C-S
      • Added Romantic Support Conversations for:
        • Forrest x Shigure S
        • Hisame x Shigure S
        • Forrest x Ignatius S
        • Xander x Kaze S
        • Arthur x Keaton S
        • Kiragi x Dwyer S
        • Selkie x Rhajat S
        • Peri x Felicia S
        • Peri x Kagero S
        • Ophelia x Rhajat S
        • Oboro x Rinkah S
        • Oboro x Mozu S
        • Oboro x Hinoka C-S
        • Oboro x Scarlet C-S
        • Oboro x Peri C-S
        • Oboro x Camilla C-S
      • Added Family Support Conversations for:
        • Takumi/Hisame
        • Hinata/Kiragi
        • Hisame/Kiragi Sibs
        • Xander/Midori
        • Kaze/Siegbert
        • Midori/Siegbert Sibs
        • Arthur/Velouria
        • Keaton/Percy
        • Velouria/Percy Sibs
        • Kiragi/Forrest Sibs
        • Odin/Forrest
        • Leo/Ophelia
        • Ophelia/Forrest Sibs
    • v 0.6.0
      • Added Luma version files in the download pack
      • The All Paralogues Unlocked GameData has instead been turned into an Lunar IPS patch.
      • Various Corrections to support options in GameData.bin.lz
      • Added Support Options for:
        • Flora x Azama C-S
        • Flora x Effie C-S
        • Flora x Anna C-S
        • Flora x Kagero C-S
        • Flora x Hana C-S
        • Flora x Orochi C-S
        • Flora x Izana C-S
        • Flora & Hayato C-A
        • Flora & Soleil C-A
        • Flora & Forrest C-A
        • Flora x Nyx C-S
        • Flora x Kaden C-S
        • Flora & Dwyer C-A
        • Flora & Midori C-A
        • Flora x Fuga C-S
        • Flora x Hinata C-S
        • Flora x Mozu C-S
        • Niles x Benny C-S
        • Scarlet & Shiro C-A
        • Lucina x Mozu C-S
        • Yukimura x Azura C-S
        • Gunter & Peri C-A
        • Yukimura x Saizo C-S
        • Yukimura x Kagero C-S
        • Leo x Arthur C-S
        • Fuga x Ryoma C-S
        • Izana x Takumi C-S
      • Added Support Conversations for:
        • Flora x Jakob C-S
        • Flora & Dwyer Parent/Child
        • Flora x Camilla C-S
        • Flora x Xander C-S
        • Flora & Siegbert Parent/Child
        • Flora x Azura C-S
        • Flora & Shigure Parent/Child
        • Flora x Beruka C-S
        • Flora x Charlotte C-S
        • Flora x Laslow C-S
        • Flora & Soleil Parent/Child
        • Flora x Subaki C-S
        • Flora & Caeldori Parent/Child
        • Flora x Azama C-S
        • Flora & Mitama Parent/Child
        • Flora x Anna C-S
        • Flora x Leo C-S
        • Flora & Forrest Parent/Child
        • Flora x Effie C-S
        • Flora x Saizo C-S
        • Flora & Asugi Parent/Child
        • Flora x Kagero C-S
        • Flora x Benny C-S
        • Flora & Ignatius Parent/Child
        • Flora x Nyx C-S
        • Flora x Ryoma C-S
        • Flora & Shiro Parent/Child
        • Flora & Sakura C-A
        • Flora x Setsuna C-S
        • Flora x Odin C-S
        • Flora & Ophelia Parent/Child
        • Flora x Oboro C-S
        • Charlotte x Selena C-S
        • Flora x Keaton C-S
        • Flora & Velouria Parent/Child
        • Flora & M!Kana Parent/Child
        • Flora & Dwyer C-A
        • Flora & Soleil C-A
        • Flora x Hana C-S
        • Flora x Arthur C-S
        • Flora & Percy Parent/Child
        • Flora & M!Kana C-A
        • Flora & F!Kana C-A
        • Flora x Peri C-S
        • Flora x Niles C-S
        • Flora & Nina Parent/Child
        • Flora & Midori C-A
        • Flora & Forrest C-A
        • Soleil x Velouria C-S
        • Flora x Izana C-S
        • Flora & Elise C-A
        • Flora & Gunter C-A
        • Flora x Kaze C-S
        • Flora & Midori Parent/Child
        • Flora & Hayato C-A
        • Flora x Mozu C-S
        • Soleil & Azura C-A
        • Flora x Takumi C-S
        • Flora & Kiragi Parent/Child
        • Flora x Kaden C-S
        • Flora & Selkie Parent/Child
        • Flora x Reina C-S
        • Laslow x Subaki C-S
        • Subaki & Soleil Parent/Child
        • Laslow & Caeldori Parent/Child
        • Soleil & Caeldori Siblings
        • Flora x Shura C-S
        • Flora x Hinata C-S
        • Flora & Hisame Parent/Child
        • Flora x Orochi C-S
        • Flora x Fuga C-S
        • Flora x Hinoka C-S
        • Flora x Silas C-S
        • Flora & Sophie Parent/Child
        • Flora x Rinkah C-S
        • Oboro x Xander C-S
        • Oboro & Siegbert Parent/Child
    • v 0.5.1
      • Added Support Options for:
        • Keaton x Leo
        • Keaton x Silas
        • Peri x Flora
        • Benny x Takumi
      • Added Support Conversations for:
        • Takumi/Forrest Parent/Child
        • Elise/Hinoka C-A
        • Orochi x Nyx S
        • Saizo x Subaki S
        • Selena x Hinoka C-S
        • Oboro x Hana C-S
        • Laslow x Niles C-S
        • Jakob x Keaton C-S
        • Selena x Flora C-S
        • Sakura x Mozu C-S
        • Xander x Silas C-S
    • v 0.5.0
      • Dialogue tweaked to accommodate same-sex couples in:
        • Silas/Sophie Parent/Child
        • Paralogue 18
      • Added.......a fuckton of support options (100+), largely for the purpose of giving characters A+ supports again--this time between the first and second generation.
      • Added Support Conversations for:
    • M!Corrin x Izana S
    • Beruka x Reina C-S
    • Ryoma x Scarlet C-S
    • Midori/Anna C-A
    • Elise/Shura C-A
    • Felicia x Scarlet C-S
    • Shura x Keaton C-S
    • M!Corrin x Asugi S
    • F!Corrin x Anna S
    • Subaki x Azama S
    • Caeldori x Mitama S
    • Soleil x Nina S
    • Felicia x Hana S
    • Subaki x Hinata S
    • Rhajat x Caeldori S
    • Effie x Mozu S
    • Rhajat x Mitama S
    • Sophie x Velouria S
    • Arthur x Benny S
    • Asugi x Dwyer S
    • Nina x F!Corrin S
    • Shigure x M!Corrin S​
    • v 0.4.2
      • Made text of Hinata and Xander's confessions gender-dependent.
      • Fixed various little mistakes
      • Added Support Conversations for:
        • Azura x Selena C-S
        • Camilla x Charlotte C-S
        • Niles x Kaze C-S
        • Leo x Ryoma C-S
        • Camilla & Sakura C-A
        • Odin x Hinata S
        • Ophelia x Midori S
        • Oboro x Orochi S
        • Oboro x Beruka S
        • Kagero x Rinkah S
        • Kagero x Orochi S (Revised)
        • Saizo x Laslow S
        • Shiro x Siegbert S
        • Setsuna x Selena S
        • Soleil x Mitama S
        • Kaden x Keaton S
        • Selena x Beruka S
        • Shiro & Sophie Sibling
        • Sophie & Ryoma Parent/Child
        • Shiro & Silas Parent/Child
        • Female Kana & Xander Parent/Child
      • Added Support Options for:
        • Odin x Keaton
        • Orochi x Leo
        • Orochi x Setsuna
        • Ryoma x Kaze
        • Arthur x Orochi
        • Takumi x Keaton
        • Leo x Kaze
        • Forrest x Dwyer
        • Sophie x Midori
        • Keaton x Ryoma
        • Oboro/Elise
        • Elise/Kaden
        • Mozu x Selena
        • Laslow x Takumi
        • Azura x Nyx
        • Kaze x Odin
        • Benny x Azama
        • Saizo x Takumi
        • Velouria x Ophelia
        • Velouria x Rhajat
        • Nina x Rhajat
        • M!Kana x Asugi
        • Niles x Hinata
        • Camilla x Nyx
        • Hinoka x Nyx
        • Laslow x Jakob
        • Shigure x Asugi
        • Percy x Forrest
        • Orochi x Charlotte
        • Kagero/Sakura
        • Kagero x Charlotte
        • Kagero x Camilla
        • Ryoma x Nyx
        • Takumi x Nyx
        • Sakura/Nyx
        • Odin x Jakob
        • Hinata x Ryoma
        • Camilla x Saizo
        • Benny x Shura
        • Percy/Camilla
        • Shiro x Hisame
        • Saizo x Xander
        • Jakob x Subaki
        • Kaden x Benny
        • Beruka x Felicia
        • Laslow x Subaki
        • Rinkah x Beruka
        • Jakob x Azama
        • Niles/Hayato
        • Arthur x Oboro
        • Rinkah/Sakura
        • Fuga/Rhajat
        • Laslow x Rinkah
        • Effie x Oboro
        • Benny x Subaki
        • Mitama/Odin
        • Reina x Charlotte
        • Odin x Rinkah
        • Caeldori x F!Kana
        • Jakob x Saizo
        • Jakob x Shura
        • Nina x Mitama
        • Camilla x Setsuna
        • Kaden x Arthur
        • Odin x Oboro
        • Camilla x Hana
        • Camilla x Subaki
        • Azama x Yukimura
    • v 0.4.1
      • Added NTR CFW Support for European Birthright, Conquest, and Special Edition.
      • Azura correctly genders you in the text of her My Room dialogue.
      • Added Support Conversations for:
        • Azura x F!Corrin S (Revelation)
        • Elise x Sakura S
        • Leo x Takumi S
        • Camilla x Hinoka S
        • Ryoma x Xander S
        • Oboro x Selena C-S
        • Charlotte x Peri S
        • Charlotte x Rinkah S
        • Selena x Peri S
        • Selena x Camilla S
        • Leo/Kiragi Parent/Child
    • v 0.4.0
      • Character endings updated to work with same-sex relationships.
      • Added Support Options for:
        • Selena x felicia
        • Selkie x ophelia
        • Effie x sakura
        • Subaki x beruka
        • Subaki x charlotte
        • Laslow x Kagero
        • Soleil/Midori
        • Oboro x Charlotte
        • Selkie x soleil
        • Kaze x Subaki
        • Hinata x Silas
        • Hinata x Keaton
        • Selena x Reina
        • Selena x Hana
        • Felicia x scarlet
        • Benny x saizo
      • Added Sibling Supports for:
        • M!Kana/Shigure
        • F!Kana/Ignatius
        • F!Kana/Nina
        • F!Kana/Ophelia
        • F!Kana/Kiragi
        • F!Kana/Selkie
        • F!Kana/Asugi
        • F!Kana/Siegbert
        • F!Kana/Shiro
        • F!Kana/Rhajat
        • F!Kana/Sophie
        • F!Kana/Soleil
        • F!Kana/Dwyer
        • F!Kana/Hisame
        • F!Kana/Forrest
        • F!Kana/Velouria
        • F!Kana/Caeldori
        • F!Kana/Mitama
        • F!Kana/Midori
        • F!Kana/Percy
      • Added Parent/Child Supports for:
        • M!Corrin/Kiragi
        • M!Corrin/Asugi
        • M!Corrin/Shiro
        • M!Corrin/Rhajat
        • M!Corrin/Hisame
        • M!Corrin/Caeldori
        • M!Corrin/Mitama
        • M!Corrin/Percy
        • M!Corrin/Soleil
        • Dwyer/F!Kana
        • Jakob/F!Kana
        • Kaze/F!Kana
        • Laslow/F!Kana
        • Leo/F!Kana
        • Shigure/F!Kana
        • Silas/F!Kana
        • Azura/M!Kana
      • Added Romantic Supports for:
        • Effie x Elise
        • Azura x Camilla (C-S)
        • Soleil x Ophelia
        • Nina x Velouria
        • Ryoma x Saizo
        • Jakob x Takumi
        • Selena x Felicia (C-S)
        • Keaton x Jakob (C-S)
        • M!Corrin x Odin S
        • M!Corrin x Siegbert S
        • M!Corrin x Takumi S
        • M!Corrin x Hayato S
        • M!Corrin x Subaki S
        • M!Corrin x Arthur S
        • M!Corrin x Hinata S
        • M!Corrin x Benny
        • M!Corrin x Keaton
        • M!Corrin x Xander
        • M!Corrin x Laslow
        • M!Corrin x Ryoma
        • M!Corrin x Leo
        • M!Corrin x Azama
        • M!Corrin x Shiro
        • M!Corrin x Shura
        • M!Corrin x Forrest
        • M!Corrin x Dwyer
        • M!Corrin x Dwyer
        • F!Corrin x Azura (Conquest)
        • F!Corrin x Elise
        • F!Corrin x Effie
        • F!Corrin x Orochi
        • F!Corrin x Kagero
        • F!Corrin x Hana
        • F!Corrin x Camilla
        • F!Corrin x Sakura
        • F!Corrin x Setsuna
        • F!Corrin x Nyx
        • F!Corrin x Peri
        • F!Corrin x Beruka
        • F!Corrin x Charlotte
        • F!Corrin x Mozu
        • F!Corrin x Scarlet
        • F!Corrin x Caeldori
        • F!Corrin x Ophelia
        • F!Corrin x Flora
        • F!Corrin x Sophie
        • F!Corrin x Soleil
    • v 0.3.0
      • Revised some previous glitches, typos, and mistakes.
      • Skills from DLC classes can now be passed down through inheritance to children.
      • Added Support Options for:
        • Leo x Oboro
        • Niles x Orochi
        • Oboro/Forrest
        • Leo x Yukimura
        • Ike/Shiro
        • Ike/Kaze
        • Robin/Fuga
        • Robin/Hayato
        • Marth/Fuga
        • Percy x Kiragi
        • Azura/Mozu
        • Niles/Rhajat
        • Anna/Midori
        • Subaki x Arthur
      • Dialogue tweaked to accommodate same-sex couples:
        • Soleil/Laslow
        • Nina x M!Kana
      • Added Romantic Support Conversations for:
        • Kaden x Azama
        • Camilla x Beruka
        • Silas x Ryoma
        • Takumi x Hinata
        • Dwyer x Percy
        • Kaden x Hinata
        • F!Corrin x Selena
        • Azura x Felicia (C-S)
      • Added Sibling Supports for:
        • Soleil/Velouria
      • Added Parent/Child Supports for:
        • Ignatius/M!Corrin
        • Ignatius/Keaton
        • Nina/M!Corrin
        • Ophelia/Niles
        • Ophelia/M!Corrin
        • M!Kana/Selena
        • Siegbert/M!Corrin
        • Siegbert/Laslow
        • Shigure/Felicia
        • Shigure/Lucina
        • Sophie/Jakob
        • Soleil/Xander
        • Soleil/Keaton
        • Dwyer/Silas
        • Dwyer/M!Corrin
        • Velouria/Benny
        • Velouria/M!Corrin
        • Velouria/Laslow
    • v 0.2.1
      • Fixed Castle Battle Crashing problem
      • Added Support Options for:
        • Leo x Silas
        • Takumi x Selena
        • Hinoka x Laslow
        • Yukimura x Subaki
        • Niles x Silas
        • Peri x Setsuna
        • Odin x Silas
      • Added Support Conversations for:
        • Xander x Laslow S
        • Benny x Keaton S
        • Jakob x Silas S
        • Keaton x Laslow S
        • Charlotte x Nyx S
    • v 0.2.0
      • NTR CFW plugin for NA Conquest
      • Added all of these support options. Included are support options for amiibo characters.
      • Added Support Conversation for:
        • Odin x Niles S
        • Odin x Laslow S
        • Odin x Leo S
        • Setsuna x Hinoka S
        • Niles x Leo S
        • F!Corrin x Reina S
      • Slightly changed Niles’s dialogue in Paralogue 20 to make more sense if he was Ophelia’s dad.
      • Amiibos incorporated more as characters:
        • Will show up around my castle
        • Can support, if no shield icon
        • Can reclass and have secondary classes
          • Marth: Cavalier, Sky Knight
          • Ike: Mercenary, Monk
          • Lucina: Archer
          • Robin: Dark Mage, Troubadour
      • Added level up, class change, death, and retreat quotes for Lucina.
      • All My Castle dialogue for Lucina, both in the facilities and on the grounds, including My Room: Do NOT invite an amiibo character into My Room, the game will crash upon attempting to load a Live 2D model.
      • Includes files created by @RainThunder and @DeathChaos25 for automatic My Castle joining for amiibo characters, which allows you to get them without shield icons, and automatically unlocking all paralogues, which allows you to get gay children without manually hex editing anything. (Unfortunately, through this method, children of gay couples will not be considered siblings by the game).
    • v 0.1.3
      • Added Support Options for:
        • Elise x Effie S
      • Added Support Conversations for:
        • Kaze x Silas S, by @Dingzhu
        • Caeldori x Sophie S
        • F!Corrin/Shigure Parent/Child
        • Hinoka/Shigure Parent/Child
        • M!Corrin/Sophie Parent/Child
        • Kaze/Sophie Parent/Child
        • M!Corrin/Midori Parent/Child
        • Silas/Midori Parent/Child
        • Like half of the C Support for Sophie/Midori Sibling
      • Revised M!Corrin x Silas S
      • Messed around with the endings a little but doubt it fixed anything.
    • v 0.1.2
      • Added Support Conversations for:
        • Kagero x Orochi S
        • Azura x Hinoka S
      • Revised Oboro/M!Kana Parent/Child Convo
    • v 0.1.1
      • Added Support Conversations for:
        • M!Corrin x Silas S
        • M!Corrin x Kaze S
        • M!Corrin x Saizo S
        • M!Corrin x Jakob S
        • M!Corrin x Kaden S
        • F!Corrin x Azura (Birthright) S
        • F!Corrin x Felicia S
        • F!Corrin x Hinoka S
        • F!Corrin x Rinkah S
      • Fixed M!Kana/Oboro Parent/Child Conversation
      • NTR CFW Support for NA Birthright and JP Special Edition
    • v 0.1.0
      • Added in these new support options.
      • Added Support Conversations for:
        • F!Corrin x Oboro S
        • Sakura x Hana S
        • M!Kana/Oboro Parent/Child

    How Do I Install This?

    Here is the download link. There are three versions contained in the file, a HANS version, an NTR CFW version (the NTR CFW version only has the plugin for the North American Special Edition, NA Birthright, NA Conquest, JP Special Edition, EU Birthright, EU Conquest, and EU Special Edition at this time), and a Luma version. If you don't know what Luma or NTR CFW are chances are you're going to want to use the HANS version.


    Go the usual route for installing a HANS romhack. Once you have the extracted romfs you can just paste these folders inside of it. Caveats: Use this extractor or else the Japanese file names will become corrupted, rendering them unusable, and you can skip step 6.

    Someone was kind enough to whip up a video tutorial on how to install the hack via this method, so have a look if you're still confused!

    Pretty damn simple, just paste the fefatesSE and plugin folders at the root of the SD card and let NTR CFW do its thing.

    If you have Luma installed you proooobably know how to do this.

    Can I Get Kids?

    The short answer is, ish. The game seems hard coded to disallow same-sex couples to have children, and fixing that goes beyond my skillset. However, using this admittedly complicated workaround @DeathChaos25 came up with, you can indeed get kids, as you can see here with my baby Oboro!M!Kana. Alternatively, the hack comes with a "All Paralogues Unlocked" option, which as it sounds unlocks all the paralogues without regard to who is married. Children of same-sex couples won't show up as siblings this way, but if you have the NA Special Edition and access to NTR CFW, you can use Silent Hell's cheat plugin to remedy that!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Also, if you plan to use any of the Corrinsexual characters (Scarlet, Shura, Flora etc) as a parent to a unit, I'd recommend installing this companion patch as well.

    Ever thought Flora deserved better? This companion patch makes Flora join much earlier in CQ and Rev, perfect if you planned to marry her to another character but didn't want to wait until very late-game.

    And if you're like me and wanted to have the same-gender retainer join your avatar from the very beginning, you can use my Felicia-Jakob swap patch!
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    >No HinokaxRinkah
    RIP my hopes and dreams.
  3. Shiiouri

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    Nice to see F!Kamui x Azura S Support is being made.! :D (First shown when the F!Kamui x Oboro S-Rank starts)
    I'm looking forward to this feature.! :D
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    oh my god I have to try this tomorrow you are amazing!!
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    This is an amazing project!

    In all honestly, I'd like to know if you want help writing those supports! I'd be more than willing to help out!
  6. Fureshyu

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    I would also like to help write the supports, if you'll allow me!
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    I've gotten shadowbanned so many times the last few days I don't really want to risk it anymore, can the game recognize "strange" pairings and flag you based on it?

    I wouldn't mind trying to help out with supports either.
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    Pls make more convos for the males ones, Awakening as well~

    Also, you should add more Forrest options, like make him has S-rank with all males.
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    Nice work! Could you also post an xdelta or whatever version for us CIA users, please?
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    Gonna watch this closely
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    Woke up to seeing this, going to play with it more tonight n_n
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    Tried playing this the NTR CFW route, something kinda screwy happened. Looks like my current supports all got shifted around.

    My wife changed from Mozu to Azura, Mozu lost all her supports, everything just kind of shifted around.

    I'm already far enough in my birthright playthrough that I don't really need this patch, I guess, so I'll just hold off until the next ones. Thanks so much for putting this together, really appreciate it!
  13. DeathChaos25

    DeathChaos25 Unmei wo kaeru!

    Oct 21, 2015
    Alright, I'll get to work on the amiibos, maybe the next update will have gay marriage and normal options for all Amiibo units :P
    Last edited by DeathChaos25, Feb 24, 2016
    Shiiouri likes this.
  14. UnassumingVenusaur

    OP UnassumingVenusaur In All Her Gay Glory

    Nov 20, 2015
    United States
    I can always add that in later!

    Of course! Any help would be appreciated!

    The game treats same-sex marriages just fine from what I've seen, the kids are the only complication. And I'd love any help I could get on the supports!

    I could do that! As you can see my biases skew towards F/F pairings haha, but if people have any other recommendations for M/M pairings I'd love to hear them.

    I... don't know how to do this.

    Yeah, unfortunately it will screw around with the currents supports some. It would be best to start a new file when you try this!
  15. Kikirini

    Kikirini Zelda Fangirl

    May 18, 2011
    United States
  16. iisilver

    iisilver "The true enemy of humanity is disorder."

    Sep 24, 2015
    United States
    holy crap. thank you so much for this
    i love it so far
    If you want more suggestions for m/m pairings, please do Ma!Mu/Nishiki(Kaden) and Ma!Mu/Flannel(Keaton)
  17. Someone mentioned their supports being screwed up by this patch.... Has that been confirmed by anyone else?

    Also, do you have to write these new scenarios yourself? Or does the game just think character A (invalid character) is someone else? For example, if I want to do F Corrin x Oboro, does the game think F Corrin is M Corrin?

    Finally, it seems like this allows incest pairings too...?
  18. UnassumingVenusaur

    OP UnassumingVenusaur In All Her Gay Glory

    Nov 20, 2015
    United States
    Yeah, this patch will screw up which characters have reached which support with each other on old save files. Yes, I have to write the new supports myself (or someone else has to). And it should only allow "incest" in the sense of the royal siblings x Corrin (and Azura for Hinoka and Camilla) but unless I messed up somewhere it shouldn't have any actual incest.
  19. Ziorx

    Ziorx Newbie

    Feb 24, 2016
    United States
    i'm new to using fan patches/hacks on the 3ds so sorry if this is a dumb question, but does this work for physical copies of the game or is it just digital.
  20. UnassumingVenusaur

    OP UnassumingVenusaur In All Her Gay Glory

    Nov 20, 2015
    United States
    Physical definetly works.
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