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  • i... see you like Fire Emblem....
    I'm what you'd calll.. a fire emblem fanboy.. I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF IT
    tbh Awakening, you?
    Haha, me too tbh. I know all the hardcore fans hate it, but it was so much fun. Though the GBA games are amazing too. I'm currently playing Genealogy for the first time. :D
    I've played Sword of Seals ( Roy) The one with Lyn and my 2nd fav Sacred stones... it's my 2nd fav 'cuz it's the first one i played X3
    She's fine with it though, as long as the newer 3DS is in perfect condition. I killed a collector side of her though, and she let me do it o:

    Anyways, sorry for the story xD You just remind me of her. I even asked if she secretly had an account here, and was secretly already good with Gateway.
    Well then, I'm Matt. Nice to meet you!
    Man you look just like a friend of mine! I just got her to get Gateway not too long ago, I had to show her your awesome drawing on your avatar xD
    I feel bad tho, I made her sell her Zelda 3DS XL to get a 4.5 3DS XL brand new for Gateway usage. Then a month later, Gateway releases 9.2 and below support.
    (Message to be continued)
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