[FE Fates] Corrinsexual Rebalancing Patch

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    This is a light patch which alters the stats and growth rates of FE Fates's Corrinsexual characters (characters who only have supports with Corrin). These are not necessarily straight upgrades of existing stats--many were altered significantly to fill an unique niche.

    Corrinsexual characters largely...have some room for improvement. They have the comparatively low stats and growth rates of old-school FE pre-promotes but the scarce (and sometimes very early!) availability of those in Awakening.

    Of course, they're balanced the way they are for a reason, as were old-school pre-promotes and those in Awakening. This patch doesn't claim to be "fixing a mistake IS made" or anything of the sort. It mainly exists as a companion to my Gay Fates hack, which expands these characters' support options and gives them the opportunity to parent children--which, of course, means passing down their often meager growths. However, if one wishes to run this just for a different gameplay experience, it is also completely independent of said hack.

    Download here. Lunar IPS will be needed to patch, and this version of BatchLZ77 is recommended for compression/decompression.

    Changes below. Note that both Anna and Gunter were untouched. Anna is good as she is and there were fears of an altered Gunter throwing off Revelation's earlygame.

    Growth Rate Changes

    Base Stat Changes
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    "this version of Batchlz77" doesn't work, just stops working on launch
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    There's supposed to be a DLL file (lzlib.dll) packaged with BatchLZ77. The linked archive doesn't have it, and so it doesn't work. You'll need to find a full copy of BatchLZ77 somewhere to get it.