Fight Fenrir in Blood of Bahamut

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    "Ifrit won’t be the only Final Fantasy esper in Blood of Bahamut. Fenrir who makes your party invisible in Final Fantasy VI is another one of the game’s mammoth beasts. Santiago, an expert with spears, and a wolf creature of sorts lives on the four legged land mass.


    In addition to revealing a new Gigant, Square Enix also shared more details on how to tame the creatures. Giant mounted cannons are scattered throughout the levels. If a player gets to a turret and fires it they can severely wound a Gigant.


    One way to reach the guns is through portals. These act as teleport spots and allow heroes, like Santiago, to travel between areas quickly. When racing to the next portal you may run into green gates. These can only be unlocked if the party defeats all of the minor enemies in the area. Beat them up and press forward to the goal, taking down Fenrir!

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