Turok 2 Co-Op mod version 1.2.5 release

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Made by BehemothProgrammer
This is mod for Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Remaster that allows cooperative play throughout the singleplayer campaign.
It contains tons of fixes to the remaster and lots of additions, keeping the experience new and challenging.

v1.2.5 (April 20, 2020)
- Fixed turret healing you when you are on the riding gun.
- Did some small changes to the weapon meshes for: Flare gun, Razorwind, Mag60, Firestorm Cannon, Flamethrower, Tek Bow, Grenade Launcher, Riding Gun

v1.2.5 (April 20, 2020)
- Fixed turret healing you when you are on the riding gun.
- Did some small changes to the weapon meshes for: Flare gun, Razorwind, Mag60, Firestorm Cannon, Flamethrower, Tek Bow, Grenade Launcher, Riding Gun

v1.2.4 (April 9, 2020)
- Fixed taunts playing multiple times at once

v1.2.3 (April 9, 2020)
- Fixed error when loading a save game from the load game menu
- Made River of Souls Totem a bit harder
- Added character taunts. Hold both ZoomIn and ZoomOut buttons and then press Crouch to taunt.

v1.2.2 (March 13, 2020)
- Added new River of Souls Totem map. Defend the Totem with the help of the Araissi Soldiers and their Artillery turrets.
- Enemies no longer play their death scream sound when you shoot them after they're dead
- Fixed a game bug where turrets are briefly visible in their idle animation when activated (lightship turrets)
- Fixed another game bug where the swamp wasps height offset was really high up preventing you from melee attacking them.
- Blast off sound plays when you launch from leap of faith pad regions
- Sniper arrow particles reverted back to normal and just increased their min velocity in script by 50%
- River of Souls 2: The secret river path is now accessible
- Port of Adia 3 new door near child now opens on any difficulty
- Death Marsh 2: Added bee hive and 2 more enemies that ambush you when you pick up the key to follow the n64 version of the map.
- Set teleport air flag on for Port of Adia 1 feather portal
- Displayed playtime no longer has a 99 hour limit
- Adon says Mission Accomplished When you complete all level 3 prisoner objectives
- Removed extra overlapping staticmesh entryway and lava pools in blind lair 6
- Adult Spider damage scale increased for limbs from 0.1 to 0.5
- Increased Talons and Warblade melee radius by 25% and damage increased from 10 to 15
- Shredder barrel texture looks a little cleaner
- Players that revive other players now lose 10 health instead of 25
- Increased Player to Player nudge velocity from 20 to 30
- Fixed the uv values on the Charge Darts wires

v1.2.1 (March 4, 2020)
- Minor changes to Port of Adia 2,3 and River of Souls 2,5
- Increased Sniper Arrow velocity by 65%
- Tranq shots are twice as effective and it now has a flash light. Press zoomin to activate and zoomout to deactivate.
- Any players that have 0 health when loading a map will have 25 health instead of 100 health at the start of the map.
- Turned culling off for gold reflection material so statues in river 3 look correct
- When a client joins the game the weapons alt fire state are synced
- When a player picks up a weapon that doesn't give ammo and when all players already own that weapon, the actor generator will be removed after the pickup.

v1.2.0 (February 27, 2020)
- Increased light falloff on all particles
- Added lights to Firestorm and Flame Thrower shots
- Weapon loop sounds will stop when the player is dead
- Removed test script from scripts folder and turned off debug checking
- Saves now save some server settings that weren't being saved
- Dead players will not have their xray outline blink when killed if xray is turned off
- Blind Lair 3: turned off collision on key holder staticmesh as it's both not needed and could cause the player to get stuck on the wall regions
- You can no longer shoot when your dead while using the Riding Gun.
- Doubled Mother Boss Health
- Players will now get ammo for any weapons they get when starting a map
- Mag60 secondary fire mode returns. Collect all the oblivion tokens to be able to activate it. Press alt fire to activate the secondary mode and you must have 15 bullets.
- Added Expansion Pak Intro cutscene
- Added 7 new alt tracks for the pc soundtrack
- "Main Theme" by threefeetlow
- "Adon's Theme" by Zaxiade
- "HUB Theme" by Matthew Beckham
- "Death Marshes" by The Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra
- "Port of Adia", "River of Souls", "Primagen's Lightship" by SigillumSanguis

v1.1.4 (February 11, 2020)
- UI Turok face texture has proper material blending

v1.1.3 (February 11, 2020)
- Removed debug buttons

v1.1.2 (February 11, 2020)
- X-ray outline color indicates how much health the player has. 250 health is blue, 100 health is green, 0 health is red. If the player is bleeding out waiting to be revived by another player then the outline will flash on and off.
- Minor changes to Port of Adia 1.
- Fixed some vertex normals, and uv values in a few of the Turok 3 models.

v1.1.1 (February 3, 2020)
- Disabled Raptorfest dummy actor components which should increase performance.
- Added new intro cinematic that you'll see if you have the show game intros option on when you start the game
- Changed Hive Queen: Health from 3000 to 2500, health increases by 50% for each player in the game, enemies have a chance to drop health, enemy spawn rate from 3 to 4 seconds
- Increased Primagens Head health in final phase from 400 to 700
- After you defeat the Primagen your game completion stats will be shown in the console. Open it to see your game Completion Time.
- Total game time and completion rate is now displayed when you use the call stats console command.
- Moved the first key a bit farther away from the main path in Port of Adia 2
- Added a new path near the beginning of River of Souls 2
- Changed UI Turok face texture
- In the custom progress menu UI, the mouse is now hidden for players when only the progress menu is available
- Added a few more explosive barrels in all Port of Adia maps
- Adon now explains that barrels can be destroyed when you approach the first mission critical barrel in Port of Adia 1, and the barrel has been marked important.
- For dedicated servers: When you save the game all clients will be notified. When you enter a warp portal to a new map a warp portal effect is played for all clients. The game is auto saved silently after every map.
- Dedicated server app updated to version 1.7 with a button to load the game from the auto save file.
- Added new server console command "call autosave" that toggles dedicated server auto saving on/off
- ???? ?????

v1.1.0 (December 20, 2019)
- Shadow Man, The Lord of Deadside, is now available on the multiplayer character select screen
- Starting lives increased from 3 to 5
- Completing a mission objective gives an extra life on Easy, Normal and Hard difficulty
- Completing an entire mission objective gives an extra life on Hardcore and Ultra Hardcore difficulty
- In Blind Lair 7 you can no longer skip a section of the map by ledge grabbing the bridge above the lava
- Added Ceilings at the end of the tunnel in River of Souls 1 to protect players from being hit by artillery fire that would go through the tunnels ceiling.

v1.0.5 (September 16, 2019)
-Fixed a decoration door from opening in Port of Adia 3
-Fixed 2 torch holders on the wall in Death Marshes 5 that were floating in the air

v1.0.4 (July 13, 2019)
-Fixed: missing regions in Port of Adia 1
-Fixed: loading a coop save state set difficulty to the next difficulty.
-Slightly increased air jump and dash speeds

v1.0.3 (July 11, 2019)
-Fixed total secrets for levels shown in menu

v1.0.2 (July 10, 2019)
-Rebuilt lightmaps for River of Souls 6
-Readded the new Port of Adia totem map
-Split River of Souls 7 Graveyard area into it's own map to reduce lag
-Minor changes to Port of Adia 4, River of Souls 5
-Added a few more enemies in Death Marshes 1 in key area
-Fixed mission requirements for Death Marshes
-Added the extra cut level content into 3 extra post content maps: Adia Port, Adia Tunnels, and Death Marsh Swamp.
-Lowered volume of enemy spawn sound, and Endtrail Self Destruct Beeps
-Made enemies immune to charge dart stun for a short time after being stunned
-Oblivion Tokens are not shown in the menu until at least 1 has been collected
-Razorwind upgrade is enabled after collecting all Oblivion Tokens.
-You can force the Razorwind to return to you by pressing fire again while it's flying around.

v1.0.1 (July 7, 2019)
-The Primagen turrets on the wall are no longer required to destroy to go onto the Primagens next phase.
-Reduced Primagen's chance to enter his flying state by half in phase 1.
-Players will lose a life after being revived 3 times instead of 1.
-Added server console command "call backpack" to toggle ammo packs that will drop when a player dies that contain 20% of the players ammo

v1.0.0 (July 6, 2019)
-Streamlined all Port of Adia, River of Souls and Death Marshes more reducing longer/newer areas.
-Port of Adia totem map back to original
-Merged Death Marshes 6 and 7
-Merged River of souls 2 and 3
-Split Hive 9 embryo areas into there own maps to reduce lag
-Made Death Marsh Swamp Wasps and Primagen Drones hitbox bigger
-Made it so players can only be revived 1 time per map, then they will die.
-Added server console command "call bleedout" to toggle the ability to revive players until they bleedout
-Changed default difficulty to normal
-The call lives1 .. 10 console command will now show how many lives were added to all players
-Flare gun damage changed from 1 to 2
-Alien Drone evade defend animation speed changed from 15 to 40 fps
-Increased the Queen boss health by 1200
-Removed dummy actor when player dies
-Removed players ammo backpack being left after dying
-Fixed Mark of Origin Pickup Inventory ID

v0.11.4 (March 24, 2019)
- Players drop ammo packs when they die that contain 20% of the players ammo for any one to pick up
- Torpedos and Spears will no longer spawn for ammo generators and ammo has been given priority on what type of ammo to spawn.
- Minor changes to blind lair 8

v0.11.3 (March 19, 2019)
- You can now see texture animations the way they were meant to be seen. Fixed all texture animations to not skip there second frame of animation. A bug in Turok 2 skips every 2nd frame of animation, which also means you could never see any animation at all for animations with just 2 frames.
- Fixed hive shield texture animation glitch. Another bug with texture animations in Turok 2 happens with animated textures that are mirrored.
- Fixed a bunch of really incorrect uv values/missing triangles/incorrect textures on static meshes throughout the entire game.
- Minor map fixes in River 7-8, Marsh 7, Lightship 8-9
- Made the flying bird hit box much bigger
- Fixed primagen keys not disappearing for clients when reentering the HUB map after placing all the primagen keys down.

v0.11.2 (March 15, 2019)
- Applied a fix for when a player dies in the air and they fall slowly and warp back up constantly until respawned.
- Fixed Mark of the Origin from appearing without the talisman.
- Fixed enemy health amounts in Death Marsh 8
- The exit warp in Blind Lair 8 will now teleport non leader players back to the top of the hole
- Changed the location of the origin mark in the Primagens Lightship

v0.11.1 (March 8, 2019)
- While you're dying you're now able to look around
- The player that is reviving another player will lose 25 health (but will never go below 25 health). And the player being revived will spawn with 25 health.
- Death Marsh 2: the secret area will trigger now. Juggernaut enemies in temple area have been given weapon ranged attacks. Made 2 purlins spawn when entering from the checkpoint station.
- You will no longer bleed out if there's only 1 player in the game
- Campaigner mp model now uses his jump sounds, and added a revive sound

v0.11.0 (March 7, 2019)
- When you have 0 hp you bleed out for 10 seconds and have a chance to be revived by other players. You can revive downed players by standing near them for 3 seconds. The player that revives the other player loses half there health down to a minimum of 25 health and the revived player health is the same clamped to 25..100 health.
- Death Marsh 2 checkpoint station moved to where it's n64 location is. And added new secret area.
- New Cheat console command: call lives1..10 gives extra lives
- Wings of Hope Talisman replaced with Mark of the Origin Talisman, which allows you to see a special mark when oblivion tokens are nearby.
- Fixed lighting in Hive 9
- Hardcore: Enemy Speed lowered to 100% from 115%
- Ultra Hardcore: Enemy Speed lowered from 125% to 115%

v0.10.2 (January 24, 2019)
- The eggs that are used as cover for the AI near the queen embryo areas can be destroyed
- Fixed final nuke part weapon pickup
- On newgame, warp checkpoint stations are set to not found again

v0.10.1 (January 23, 2019)
- Port of Adia 6: Fixed warp point TID below where you rescue the child.
- Blind Lair 8: Fixed some enemies health that were at 100.

v0.10.0 (January 23, 2019)
- You can now nudge other players aside that may be idle by running into them for a short amount of time
- Fixed a bug in the game where the players movement flag, MCF_DISABLE_AIR_FRICTION_UNTIL_LAND, would not be turned off when in the water, causing players to not be able to jump over wall regions/climb/ledge grab/get out of the water.
- Put my custom shock effect back in as I don't trust the game to not crash with it's shock effect.
- You can now destroy the hive eggs that are used as cover points for enemies
- Created a nuke weapon pickup model. The final nuke part is now the nuke weapon pickup.
- Pickup random ammo spawners now only spawn the largest ammo type
- Weapon pickup respawn times are now always the same
- Fixed ROS ground turrets unblocking regions in the incorrect position. Which could make it possible to be stuck in the game.
- The Raptoid had a water impact sound on the default impact type on his extreme death animation. I fixed it and set it to water impact type. (That always annoyed me)
- Hive platform pads bottom texture now animates
- Totem Health bar is now green
- Primagen changes: Less Health, less Drones, flying swoop attack damage lowered by 75%, Less turrets and they're closer to the platform and bigger.
- Port of Adia 3: Lowered health of destructable crates in nets to 1. Added some torches in the new shortcut areas.
- Port of Adia 5: Merged with Port 6 seamlessly. 2 unused raptoid enemies are now set to appear at the end of the water tunnel. Finding the ultra health now counts as a secret found.
- Port of Adia 6: Is from what was Port 7 & 8 merged seamlessly. Fixed a missing region that could cause you to be stuck just before falling down to get the last child.
- Port of Adia 7: Is from what was Port 9.
- Port of Adia 8: Removed.
- Port of Adia 9: Removed.
- River of Souls 4: Added a door outside after the broken bridge and removed the blocking regions there
- River of Souls 5: Is now similar to it's N64 version; where destroying the soul gate is not required to continue.
- River of Souls 6: Is now similar to it's N64 version. Fixed a missing region at the end of River of Souls 6 near the 2 ladders that drop down when you press the 4 blocks in the center. And also fixed their blocking regions so you can't get stuck inbetween the blocking and wall regions. And fixed some regions that were missing the water flag in that area.
- River of Souls 8: Merged with River of Souls 9.
- River of Souls 9: Removed.
- Death Marsh 1: Removed secret area regions where the satchel charge is now. Added PC MP area for plasma rifle.
- Death Marsh 3: Gunners in tower near the start of the map are set to snipers
- Death Marsh 7: Fixed a few of the regions near the broken bridge. Reduced the number of ground meshes by some.
- Blind Lair 4: Raised pillar with first cave key and removed the door/switch. And added a falling rock after reaching the top walkways at the end so you can easily get back up.
- Blind Lair 5: Is now similar to it's N64 version.
- Blind Lair 8: Is now similar to it's N64 version and merged with Blind Lair 9.
- Blind Lair 9: Removed.
- Hive 5: Fixed some bad regions and made the door, where the all mites come in, close after pressing the button.
- Hive 6: Is now similar to it's N64 version.
- Lightship 3: Swapped the positions of the ion capacitor and the Razorwind to be like the n64 version. Removed the secret where the razorwind was.
- Primagen Boss Map: Music changed to unused track, Totem 1.
- Turok 3 Level 1: Removed enemies at the start.
- Seppuku Station: Added secret at start.

v0.9.12 (January 8, 2019)
- Enemies can now be shot after they're dead and they will fly in the air similar to the n64 version.
- Created new vertical explosion death animations for Mantid Drone, Nala, and Lord of the Flesh.
- Implemented the unfinished shield evade animations that were left in the game for Purlin Juggernaut, Hive Drone, and Lord of the Flesh. This makes the enemy immune to all damage until the animation is finished playing. The Lord of the Flesh however continues to be immune to damage until his power effect wears off.
- Fixed 2 Primagen Troopers in Lightship 1 that had no range attacks and were stationary.
- Death Marsh 7: Badger added more health and ammo around the map and added a breath of life pad near the secret area.
- Lowered the shredder explosive damage to be the same as the explosive shotgun. from 50 damage to 30 damage.
- Went through all the maps and fixed all the Compsognathus to be there own actor type. before they were sharing the leaper type.
- Shotguns now fires the same number of bullets as it does in single player.
- Default difficulty is now Hard
- New difficulty added: Ultra Hardcore!
- Easy Difficulty change: Enemy Health decreased from 100% to 50%
- Hard Difficulty change: Enemy Damage increased from 200% to 250%
- Hardcore Difficulty change: Enemy Health decreased from 200% to 150%, Headshot Damage decreased from 60% to 50%, Enemy Speed 115%
- Ultra Hardcore Difficulty: Enemy Health 200%, Enemy Damage 400%, Headshot Damage 40%, Enemy Speed 125%, Enemies will never hurt another enemy. Turret Damage 400%, Shock Time 1-2s

v0.9.10 (January 3, 2019)
- Turok 2 dedicated server updated to version 1.2: You can change the map easily with the new console dropdown option. And you can press up/down arrow in the console input box to cycle through your command history.
- Minor changes to Port of Adia 1,3,4,6
- River of Souls 7 - Added a ladder at the second area near the start and rearranged objects around to let players know you can climb up to the platform.
- River of Souls 9 - Moved the feather near the N64 location. Added a jump pad shortcut near the end where it looks like the original level designers wanted to once place a jump pad that would go back to the upper platform, and moved the switch there. Also removed a few very small and bad regions in that area.
- Death Marsh 1 - Created N64 key area and moved the key there. Moved the Satchel Charge to it's N64 location. Added a ladder that comes down at the end of the map that connects to the start.
- Death Marsh 2 - Created N64 key area and moved the key there.
- Added more enemies to the armory area in Death Marsh 4 and 7
- For dedicated servers the leader is set to the first player by default and the "Go To: <map name>" message is no longer shown
- Went through all the start map spawn locations and checked for enemies that respawned right in front of you at the start and made those enemies no longer respawn.
- For clients it was hardcoded somewhere in the game that enemies will never turn on there death blood hotpoints. So all enemies death blood hotpoints have been changed from bit 3 to bit 4 and are handled through script.
- Primagen Troopers blood is now the correct color, green, when his head is blown off.

v0.9.9 (December 21, 2018)
- Fixed a mistake for ActionObjects not triggering more than once

v0.9.8 (December 21, 2018)
- Dedicated Server App updated to support saving/loading at anytime! Creating a dedicated server and using this app is now the preferred way to play in order to get around the games scripting limitations.
- Badger has contributed his mapping skills and extended the map - Death Marsh 7, Great job!
- New Map: Fossil Cavern by Sixty Four.
- New Map: B464 by Sixty Four.
- New Map: Cradle to Grave by Sixty Four(model and regions) and BehemothProgrammer(actors).
- New Map: Seppuku Station by BehemothProgrammer and Sixty Four(model).
- Start/Exit flags in the Death Marshes now display the correct sigil for each Purr-Linn clan
- You can no longer warp out of a map until 1.5 seconds has passed on the map.
- You can no longer lose lives in the HUB
- Added an additional checkpoint in lightship 4.
- Removed event that shot arrows to the ground in River of Souls 2.
- Moved the start spawn positions in Port 7 further away from the exit portal
- Normal Difficulty Changes: Enemy Health reduced to 100% from 125%, Enemy Damage reduced to 100% from 200%
- Hard Difficulty Changes: Enemy Health reduced to 100% from 150%, Enemy Damage reduced to 200% from 300%, Head/Body Damage increased to 100% from 60%, Enemy Shock Time increased to 2-20 seconds from 2-5 seconds.
- Hardcore Difficulty Changes: Enemy Damage reduced to 400% from 500%

v0.9.7 (November 11, 2018)
- On map change the maps filepath is printed to console for the host. This is for my Turok 2 Co-Op Dedicated Server App that will allow the map to change automatically!
- Included version 1 of Turok 2 Co-Op Dedicated Server App along with the mod

v0.9.6 (November 8, 2018)
- Fixed Enemies getting stuck in there animation when they die for clients
- Fixed Deadman not getting removed when they die and spawn another half deadman for clients
- Can no longer open options menu weapon if on a platform
- Removed moveable box and added a ladder in Port of Adia 1

v0.9.5 (November 3, 2018)
- New bonus map - Turok 3: Seal The Breach
- Mod installation has changed in order for custom music to be used. See "How To Play" for details to get started.
- Optimized net write bits, a bit :D
- Doom E1M1 music track added
- Fixed (Shocking + Bore) combos.
- Fixed weapon ammo amounts from rejoining players
- Refactored Turret TrackTarget script
- Lowered Flare recharge time from 10s to 8s
- Party leader is now set to no leader by default
- On Inventory pickup the text "<character name> picked up" will no longer appear if there is only 1 player.
- When a player dies the text "<character name> died" will no longer appear if there is only 1 player.

v0.9.4 (September 22, 2018)
- Fixed Primagen Boss Fight. Sometimes he would try to regen after all his parts were destroyed and skipped going to his next stage.
- Fixed Common Platform def. Adding the platform component to the common platform def caused an error in some maps. (because that makes sense...)
- Fixed crash when starting a map. My Hud was unnecessarily trying to remove all the image actors when map was ending and the actor pointers could sometimes be bad after the game destroys them. Since they were already getting destroyed there's no need to do it again. Deleted Hud::OnDestroy function.

v0.9.3 (September 21, 2018)
- Added a New Game map
- Each level now has an Oblivion Token secret in it. Good luck finding them all. It won't be easy.
- Platforms now have a script component on them

v0.9.2 (September 19th, 2018)
- I had to remove the shock effect on enemies from the Charge Dart as it crashed the game for the host when any enemy had a cloak effect on. So I replicated the effect of the shock state and added my own effect as best I could.
- Increased shock time to 2-5 seconds for hard and hardcore. And increased minimum shock time to 2 seconds on Easy and Normal.
- MP version of the Charge Dart can now shock enemies.
- MP version of the Bore now works on enemies.
- Charge Dart shows it's charge level on the gun itself.
- Shooting enemies while they're in their cloaking animation will now prevent them from constantly trying to cloak after exiting the animation.
- Fixed the Mantid Drone from having red blood. Drone_01.skinnedmesh, Bone 14, changed Impact Type from Metal to Creature Flesh.
- Fixed Mantid Drone jetpack loop sound and hotpoint from not stopping.
- Fixed all AI On Fire Hotpoints from not stopping.
- Changed Enemy Spawn particle effect
- Hive 4 added checkpoints for Oblivion portal
- Fixed Queen Embryos in Hive 8,9 to no longer respawn.
- Number of LifeForces are shown at the start of the map and on lifeforce pickup if there's only 1 player in the game
- Fixed enemies hit by sunfire pod are now set on fire
- Default Difficulty changed to Normal
- Went through all the maps and fixed the amount of enemies that were set to Respawn
- Combined Lightship 10 and 11 together
- Removed all screen flashes from particles

v0.9.1 (September 15th, 2018)
- Fixed crash (assert) with turrets OnDeath getting called before map OnSpawn. Removed turret OnMapStart event.
- Fixed doors that weren't unblocking regions for clients on player join
- Fixed Totem Max Health Bar value for clients
- Fixed Enemies not dying after completeing boss/totem for clients
- Fixed some bridge regions in river of souls 5
- Fixed blind lair 6 portal to totem/HUB not checking for mission requirements
- Fixed light ship 1 portal to The Flesh Mother not checking for mission requirements
- More ammo/health in Primagen Boss Fight
- The infinite ammo cheat now only gives up to half of max ammo for the bow so that way you can still pickup arrows that are attached to you blocking your view.
- Renamed boss map names
- Changed the credits music
- Enemy Damage scale on Hard lowered from 4.0 to 3.0
- Enemy Damage scale on Hardcore lowered from 6.0 to 5.0

v0.9 (September 14, 2018)
- Primagen boss battle completed with end credits.
- Difficulty settings for maps: Hive 1-9, Lightship 1-11
- Default difficulty is now set to Hard
- Turrets at the start of Hive 1 no longer fire at you right away. They now have a 1 second delay before activating. And they no longer have a blinding lens flare on their shots.
- Primagen Drones now shoot at players, move a little slower, and do not get their health scaled.
- Prevented the AI Yaw from resetting when the raptor fest mode tries to reset the AI
- Removed custom menu error sound
- Flare charge time lowered to 10 seconds
- Spirit voice sound effects are now played with full volume and as a voice which will play for everyone anywhere, but you can at least hear him.
- At map start inventory items are now given later in script execution (in OnSpawn). This fixes problems with needed player inventory items such as the breath of life talisman for swimming through poison waters.
- Queen Embryos and Assembly Plant objectives now flash when hit
- When players spawn they now move a very tiny amount so enemies will be able to still target them if players stand still long enough after dying.
- After completing a Totem or Boss Battle, all enemies are killed and you won't lose lives when you die until you warp to the next map

v0.8.11 (September 6, 2018)
- Difficulty settings for maps: Marsh 3-8, Blind Lair 1-9
- The number of found secrets is now displayed correctly for clients in the progress menu
- Disabled AI Head tracking because it was mostly wrong and looked really bad when it was on
- After completing a Totem map all enemies will be killed
- In Port 1, added sectors for door in room where you can push the box. Added an important flag to the pushable box that gets removed when first pushed.
- Added a melee attack for the Araissi Soldier that's the same as his weapon attack.
- Fixed a problem with weapon and flashlight pickups not doing a SignalOn when all players picked up the item.
- custom ui will now also close when you press any movement direction

v0.8.10 (September 3, 2018)
- Figured out a way to get sniper enemies to finally work normally! Yay!
- Figured out how to prevent enemies to stop having no collision when idling near there spawn position! Another Yay!
- Difficulty settings implemented for maps: Port Totem, River 1-9, Marsh 1-2
- Difficulty Easy (What all previous versions were on): Number of Enemies 50% (Same as SP on Hardcore), Enemy Health: 1.0, Enemy Damage 1.0, Turret Damage 1.0
- Difficulty Normal: Number of Enemies 75%, Enemy Health: 1.25, Enemy Damage 2.0, Turret Damage 2.0
- Difficulty Hard (Default): Number of Enemies 100%, Enemy Health: 1.5, Enemy Damage 4.0, Turret Damage 3.0, Enemy Head/Body Receive Damage Scale: 0.6, Enemy Shock Time Decreased from 1-20 seconds to 1-4 seconds
- Difficulty Hardcore: Number of Enemies 100%, Enemy Health: 2.0, Enemy Damage 6.0, Turret Damage 4.0, Enemy Head/Body Receive Damage Scale: 0.6, Enemy Shock Time Decreased from 1-20 seconds to 1-4 seconds
- All enemies and turrets have a max amount of damage they can deal per hit.
- The following enemies will NOT get their health scaled no matter the difficulty: Swamp Wasp, Spider Hatchling, Grub, Flesh Worm, Mother Grub, Leaper, Compsognathus
- Flare gun charge time increased from 8.0 to 15.0 seconds and is no longer effective against any medium or large enemies. No longer does damage to the Totem.
- Doors can now auto open and close with enemies only, and doors also check if their target is stale and dead.
- Fixed a bug with the doors that had initially open flag on, which triggered an auto close right away. So you won't see doors close and then open right away at the start of the map anymore like singleplayer (mostly in Blind Lair). And fixed client sync issue with Doors.
- Added much more detail to Port Totem map
- Added Totem Energy Cells around the totem maps that when collected and brought back to the totem will restore it's health by 250. You can only hold 1 at a time.
- In Totem Maps, the total number of enemies remaining is now shown above the Totems health bar.
- port 1 and 2 added small changes.
- Soul Gates flash when hit and spawn Deadman faster
- Fixed another singleplayer bug where Deadman would not spawn Half Deadman if they were spawned in.
- Fixed Deadman missing surface texture for mouth and on spine. Previously, the surface was not set and whatever the last texture loaded would be used which was always incorrect.
- Added blend, and sort translucent to Deadman 2 web surface material.
- Certain enemies in maps will now create an AI Spawn particle effect
- Torpedo launcher speed back to normal
- Made the custom UI not get lit by the vertex lights. It's still too dark but at least it's always the same lightness now and it seems that's the best I can get it.
- Traces of Oblivion can be found all over the lost land. What secrets do they hold?
- Added server console command to restart the current map, "call restart"
- The HUB checkpoint station will only be reactivated (for health and ammo) when a totem map is completed or a boss is defeated.
- Got the enemies to play their cloaking animation when they cloak. They'll now uncloak on death when their timer is up.
- Current lives are now displayed in the top left of the screen when a player dies and when 100 life forces are collected and at the start of the map.
- Fixed warp locations for Blind Lair Totem, Hive Totem, Blind One Boss, Queen Boss, and Mother Boss
- Fixed non leader warp exits in blind lair maps
- Bee hives in death marshes now flash when hit

v0.8.9 (August 11, 2018)
- Created custom UI for looking at your current progress, and warping (when in a checkpoint station).
- Open the custom menu by selecting the special menu weapon that will prompt you to press fire after remaining still. Use your mouse (look input) to move the cursor and press fire to select options. Pressing jump, crouch, zoom in/out, or alt fire will close the menu.
- The host can now assign a party leader with 2 new console commands: "call leader0" .. 15, and "call noleader". The party leader is the only one who can advance to a new map by entering a warp portal. By default the first player is the leader. If the assigned leader is no longer in the game, the leader is automatically reassigned to the first active player.
- Enemies can cloak again without crashing the game in MP
- The Flashlight is back and has the blue soft light (that was in the beta) that lasts for 30 seconds and slowly fades out.
- Flare gun charge is now displayed on the gun and plays a sound when fully charged. Flare recharge time increased from 6.0 to 8.0 seconds. And fixed flare gun charge when cheat unlimited ammo was on.
- By default enemies will no longer vanish after being killed. Enemies position and yaw are now sent to clients when they change and the enemy is dead.
- New Server Command "call aivanish" - Toggles AI from vanishing shortly after dying
- All map warps are ready for use when I get the change map script function. Until then a message is displayed: "Go To <Map Name>" telling you what map to go to next. Doing so will warp you to the correct location within that map.
- Removed the MP victory process that took you to a random map when entering portals.
- End level portals now require all missions to be completed.
- New Cheat Server Command "call stations" - Unlocks all Checkpoint Station Warps
- When you run out of lives the message "Game Over" is displayed and covers the screen. Once I get the change map script function this will restart the current map.
- On Game Over and failing a Totem map, the game state will be restored when the next map begins.
- Some Hud Messages now attempt to only display messages to certain Users such as the "<item> required" and "Waiting For Party Leader..." messages.
- Child arm and feet textures restored.
- marsh 3 fixed missing and incorrect placed regions on roof near watch tower
- port 2 added a small bridge where you had to jump into the opening in the wall sideways, and fixed some region draw orders, and fixed some in door lightmap issues, and added a ladder shortcut before the child area.
- The HUB Checkpoint Station will now always give you health and ammo
- Switched the River of Souls Talisman and Feather with Death Marshes
- Additional Checkpoint was added to map Blind 1, where the firestorm cannon is located
- Players death state is now synced
- Network now sends 6 bytes less per AI update
- Weapons and the flashlight will no longer respawn when all players have picked it up
- Marsh 6 - many fixes for event regions and added a wall higher up for the feather so you can't easily get it and are now forced to go through the level as it was intended.
- difficulty settings now matter for Port 1-9. The rest of the maps will be in next update. (hopefully. This is a lot of work)
- When loading an old version of a Co-Op game. The load is prevented and a message is displayed to inform you that it's no longer compatible with the current version of the COOP mod you have.
- When saving a Co-Op game, the save slot name now includes the version number
- Dima Chotin fixed up the German localization

v0.8.7 (July 21, 2018)
- Added Saving and Loading of COOP progress! Created a starting map in Singleplayer for the server to save/load your game and coop progress. As the server select New Game in the main menu to go to the map and save or load your coop progress. Warning: Any future versions of the mod will be incompatible with older versions.
- I've fixed a known issue. Dynamically spawned pickups will now show their pickup message and play a sound/voice for clients.
- Removed the old checkpoint system and went through all the maps and added checkpoints throughout the maps
- Fixed the issue for clients where when the AI was wounded would replay the wound animation 1 or more times. I've prevented the modestates wounded bail out and now it only plays once, yay!
- You can now trigger special secret regions. And added all the special secret regions and eventlinks to all maps.
- Number of secrets found is now displayed in the "call stats" text menu.
- A cheat flag is now set if any server cheat commands are used and is shown in the "call stats" text menu. (currently has no effect)
- new cheat console command, call tiny (makes all enemies tiny)
- new console command, call dif0 .. 3, to change the difficulty. Difficulty is shown in the "call stats" text menu and will take effect when the next map begins.
- new cheat console command: call secrets (All secrets become found)
- new cheat console command: call lives (Toggles infinite lives)
- Totem maps now display the number of enemies remaining at 75%, 50%, and 25% of enemies left.
- Player ammo and health is now saved as it changes
- Flame Thrower now uses the particle trail from SP
- Tek Bow has the wind up before the explosion again. Added blood particles when tek bow hits flesh and creature surfaces.
- Fixed some of the weapon speeds for the fast weapons cheat.
- Health Generators in blind eye boss are no longer initially active
- Added a switch in Port 6 to lower the last bridge
- Added a missing region in River 9 and removed part of the left wall at the beginning giving a more open feel, and added a broken bridge there, and added a secret, and removed an overlapping static mesh on the map, and added a jump pad near the checkpoint station.
- Lowered chance of death marshes prisoners from playing the call help sound
- In Lightship 1, fixed a part where you could get stuck
- In Lightship 3, made the player walk over regions to activate upper switch instead of using the switches touch radius.
- river 4 bridge gap can now be crossed from both sides once you've reached the other side
- Hive 6 removed incorrectly placed wall static meshes in main generator area
- Mother inhale attack in stage 2 is no longer invincible and has a higher chance to do inhale in stage 3.
- Removed custom gfx: Turok Face, and HUD Bar.
- After completing a Totem map you will receive an inventory item to indicate that you've successfully completed that totem map.
- Added another cover object at the end of port9
- Removed lava flag on damage regions in Marsh 3 oblivion portal
- blind lair 4 added warp portal instead of falling down a hole to reach the thermal vent to signal it's on the same map.

v0.8.6 (July 13, 2018)
- Generators no longer do the spawn particle fx when created at the start of the map.
- Fixed uvs for normal bow. Raised the arrow tip higher for the normal bow and tek bow.
- Fixed some regions on various maps for eventlinks triggering when player is over them
- Fixed Lightship 2 bad regions where you could get stuck
- Fixed Sphincter hotpoints. They are now forced to turned off when they die.
- Added more Health in blind eye boss map
- Added Checkpoint station on hub map
- Fixed some small issues with a bunch of maps
- Firestorm and Flame Thrower now consume the same amount of ammo as SP
- When you gain an extra life the number of lives is now shown as well.
- Console commands that are a cheat now display the word Cheat when enabled and in the help.
- Console command "call weapons" only gives SP weapons.
- Added Console command "call weaponsmp" that gives all MP weapons.
- Fixed english capitalization for the Turok 2 '1.5.9' patch. And removed periods, newlines, and corrected spelling.

v0.8.5 (July 8, 2018)
- Created collision meshes for some high poly oblivion meshes in Blind Lair 6.
- Split DoomE1M1 map into multiple meshes
- Removed talk sfx temporarily

v0.8.4 (July 6, 2018)
- Mother Boss and HUB map playable.
- Full Health now has a chance of spawning from random health generators
- Added lighting, lightmaps, water, and a sky to Doom E1M1 map.

v0.8.3 (July 1, 2018)
- All Lightship maps are now playable
- New Feather and Talisman added
- Collecting 6 nuke parts will now give the nuke weapon to all players
- Created custom collision meshes for port 9 oblivion portal to improve performance in that area
- mod version number now included in main menu title

v0.8.2 (June 25, 2018)
- New title image by Dima Chotin!
- Lightship map 2 is playable
- 5 more console commands: fast weapons, unlimited ammo, noclip, god mode, spawn random enemy
- Set weapon animation speed back to normal
- lots of little fixes for all maps
- all maps now have a start map warp
- reduced hive ceiling turrets damage by half

v0.8.1 (June 21, 2018)
- Lightship 1 is playable but because it's the hub map of the level you can't do much
- Removed spawning lights from flamethrower impact particle in multiplayer for performance reasons
- Added charge dart to default weapons for correct map defs
- Reduced ceiling turret shot damage by half
- Fixed the last queen embryo from dying instantly
- Doubled the range of the hive top turret guns
- Added a door in hive 5 to prevent players from skipping most of the map
- Moved chunks of the hive 9 map further apart and reduced maxZDrawDistance a bit

v0.8 (June 16, 2018)
- All Hive maps done and Queen boss fight.
- By default all players now have a green outline around them that can be seen through walls, so you can more easily find other players in the map. You can turn it off/on by typing "call xray" in the console.
- When collecting 100 life forces the message "Extra Life" is now displayed and the voice "I am Turok!" is always played instead of the characters select sound.
- Turrets in the Hive Top now shoot out of there guns instead of the floor and no longer have blocking regions under them and also get destroyed when they die.
- The Hive ceiling Turrets now animate their texture and sparks emit from them when they die just like the N64 version.
- Removed Life Force messages on pickup. And Life Forces will now sync correctly for it's movement componenet.
- Explosive barrels no longer do damage to players. All barrels explosion particles changed on all maps.
- Cerebral bore now syncs with clients
- No longer sending animation flags updates from AI to clients.
- Set Queen and Sister of Despair evade animation ids to -1 so they would not go into the evasion animaiton everytime they are hit.
- A message is now displayed ("Turok Died") when someone dies along with the number of lives remaining.
- All actors that were set to appear on only some difficulty settings, now have there flags set to appear on all difficulty settings.
- Doors that open/close automatically near actors are now synced for clients.
- Doors: Fixed 2 performance issues with doors that were constantly blocking/unblocking their regions every tick, and another were the auto doors were opening 2 or more times instead of just once.
- Changed the title screen Turok 2 Logo to include the word coop
- Changed the credits file to include everyone who supported the mod. Thank you so much to everyone that donated!

v0.7 (June 7, 2018)
- All maps in Lair of the Blind Ones completed!
- Life Forces are back and you can gain and lose lives, but nothing happens yet when you lose all lives. Type call stats in console to see your lives and life forces.
- default radius of pickups is now smaller. Set to 40 which I believe is the same as SP.
- Soul Gates will stop spawning particles when there are 6 or more deadman.
- Fixed actionobjects from getting removedOnTick before SignalOn was getting called.
- Fixed warp portals that enter closed areas from being visible before they are suppose to become visible when reloading the map.

v0.6.1 (June 3, 2018)
- You can now jump on cover boxes.
- Leap of Faith and Whispers Jump Pads regions are now blocked and require the necessary inventory item to be unblocked.
- Enemies with the Respawn flag will respawn when the map begins
- All maps with vis or rejects warnings no longer have those warnings.
- Added more ai paths for some enemies.
- Any object required to progress to the end of the level is now marked Important so people with the "Show Hints" option ON will see the exclamation icons.

v0.6 (May 25, 2018)
- Actors Persistant Bits, Mission Objectives and Level Inventory are now saved in memory for the server.
- Map changes to all the maps. Too extensive to detail all changes.
- New Server Console command: "call newgame" to start a new game from whatever map begins next
- New Server Console command: "call missions" to make all mission objectives complete
- New Console command: "call stats" to show current game progress
- Objects no longer have a delay before syncing on joining the map for clients, except for AI which is reduced to a 1 second delay.
- All weapon pickups now give ammo the first time you pick it up
- EventLinks that showed a message, or played a voice, are no longer shown/played OnSpawn.
- All weapon fire particles are now more like their SP versions
- Firestorm Cannon uses blood particles when impacting flesh and creature surfaces
- In the checkpoint stations, Adon can now be hit by melee attacks and tracked with Scorpion missiles and the Bore

v0.5.4 (May 13, 2018)
- Removed AI position lerp.
- Reduced the time that platforms in death marshes 1,2,4 stay down.

v0.5.3 (May 13, 2018)
- Added darker blood sprites/textures from my dark blood mod.
- Blind Lair 2 is playable
- map changes for port 1,2,4,9
- map changes for Death Marshes 3, Totem
- map changes for Blind Lair 1
- removed all explosive ammo in all adon checkpoint stations
- Lerped AI position. Needs testing to make sure ai on clients are not removed by the game by crossing certain types of regions
- Fixed actionobjects not sending touch activates to clients
- Scheduled net writes are now called after OnTick instead of before
- No Root Motion for Swamp Wasps attack animation for clients
- Reverted Shredder primary shot back to original
- Fixed Compsognathus death animation
- Added a weapon for the ability to give explosive ammo through script. In a later version this weapon will be used for voting/taunts as well.
- Explosive ammo is now kept from map to map
- The PFM Layer and Tranquilizer weapons in Port of Adia Totem map are no longer kept in the following maps

Version 0.5 (May 5, 2018)

- Throwable Warclub Rocks now work correctly with clients.
- Lair of the Blinds Ones Boss Completed
- Lair of the Blinds Ones - Map 1 is playable
- 3 new enemies as "normal enemies" - Swamp Tentacle, Ceiling Tentacle, and Sphincters.
- When a player spawns they now have 0.5 seconds of invulnerability
- All weapons enter/exit animations are much faster
- Fire Speed for all weapons slightly altered for all weapons.
- Fixed PFM Layer Fire Animation. The injector part was moving through the top part of the gun now it remains under it.
- Fixed Torpedo Launcher UV values. There was always a seam down the middle of the launcher that really bugged me.
- Torpedo Launcher movement speed increased by 25%.

Version 0.4 (May 1, 2018)

- The Death Marshes maps 6-8, 11, and the Totem are playable. That's half way with 30 maps! Yay!
- Inventory, Weapons, Ammo, and Health now carry over from previous played maps.
- Selecting Port of Adia 1 will start a new game or the server can type "call newgame" in the console. If starting a new game from a map will give all players that maps starting weapons and ammo and inventory items.
- Wasps, SpiderHatchlings, Grubs, Mother Grubs, and Compsoganthus` health no longer get health boosts based on the maps enemy health multiplier.
- Port4: Added a warp in the Feather room that takes you to the Talisman room for less backtracking time.
- Fixed Totem Defeat not calling for clients.
- Fixed fade actorfx from removing actors. is now controlled through script.
- Enemies death now trigger correctly for clients fixing dynamic enemy deaths.
- Fixed Primagen and Queen parts and death for clients.

Version 0.3.2 (April 28, 2018)

- The Death Marshes maps 1-5, 9, 10, and the oblivion portal are playable
- Made 2 new AI Flags for simulating sniper and cloaking enemies
- Flare gun now also damages the actor who fired it
- The enemies now have a minimum height of GAME_SCALE * 3 (helps with meleeing those small enemies likes the spiders)
- Player height is now the same as singleplayer
- Turok and Tal'set classic skins are now selectable
- Temporarily removed the Mag60 alt fire as inputs are not in sync
- Mag60 fire sound reverted back to original
- Arrow and Spear particle pickups now have a limited lifetime of 3 minutes
- ...it's a secret

Version 0.3.1 (April 22, 2018)

- Completed River of Souls Maps: 8, and Totem. Finishing all the River of Souls maps!
- Added Adon checkpoint station in River of Souls 1
- Removed all enemies "Can Cloak" flags that would most of the time cause the game to instantly close to desktop.

Version 0.3 (April 20, 2018)

- Completed River of Souls Maps: 6,7,9,10,11
- Added some pillars to Port of Adia 4 in the feather room.
- PFM Mines, Arrows, and Tranq Darts will no longer spawn in the Port of Adia Totem Map
- The Araissi Soldier is now a selectable multiplayer skin

Version 0.2 (April 17, 2018)

- All Port of Adia maps complete and maps 1-4, and Totem map, have been remixed.
- River of Souls maps 1-5 complete.
- All Lifeforce pickups are removed in multiplayer
- Removed the ability to spectate because there's several major issues with spectating
- Reaching the map exit will end the match to a random map. Waiting for devs to expose a change map function to script for MP.
- Added lots of console cheat commands for server. Type "call help" in the console for the full list.
- Flare gun damages enemies near the flare and sets them on fire.
- Flare gun SFX changed to Turok Rage Wars Flare gun SFX.
- Mag60 alt fire will fire 1 super damaging shot that consumes 15 bullets.
- Mag60 SFX changed to Turok Rage Wars Mag60 SFX.
- Tek Arrows explode on impact.
- Razorwind throws and moves faster.
- PFM mines take more damage and have a bigger damage radius.
- Shredder primary shot splits into more beams.
- Removed Generic_Teleport particle effect on enemies.
- Gold and silver texture materials are reflective.
- New HUD images for MP weapons: Rocket and Assault, and Turok's face, and HUD bars.
- Barrels explode and do high damage to surrounding area.
- Added monkey as a selectable MP Character.
- All MP Characters have the same stats. Except the raptor always starts with raptor claws.
- MP Hit SFX changed to Wolf ET sound.
- Talk SFX changed to Blood talk SFX.
- Added Checkpoints throughout the maps.
- Doors that close behind the player have a warp appear in front of the door so other players can enter the area.
- Adon grants full health and primary ammo to players once per map.
- Generator Actors have more functionality
- Added Moveable crates that you can jump on to reach new areas.
- Added custom jumppads in certain areas that provide the player with freedom of movement while in the air.
- And finally lots and lots of scripting work to get a good solid base for making this coop mod possible.

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