FFXIII coming April 2010 in the U.S., 2009 in Japan

Discussion in 'Sony PlayStation 1 & 2' started by Link5084, Jan 16, 2009.

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    Waiting for the latest instalment in the Final Fantasy series? Great! You just keep on waiting, because Square Enix boss Yoichi "Imperial Hot" Wada has said it won't be out in the West until 2010.

    Speaking with Reuters, Wada confirms that while the Japanese release of Final Fantasy XIII (which is exclusive to the PS3) will take place in 2009, the Western release - which will appear on both the PS3 and Xbox 360 - won't go down until at least April 2010.

    Or, in a way I can put it to maximise disappointment, over a year away.
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    You left out the best part: [​IMG]


    In all seriousness, S-E seems pretty set on releasing their games at the same time worldwide (give or take). So either this won't come to pass, or Japan is getting it in December and we're getting it in January. Which really isn't that big of a deal.
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    That's not going to happen in this case :/. Since they decided to wait to start the 360 version after the PS3 version is done it's gonna take a few more months before an American and European release happens (Know SE though it'll be 2011 in Europe...)

    I reckon April 2010 is a rough estimate and will be more likely December 2010 (Or at least a year after the Japanese release)
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    if we have to wait in europe even longer 10000% i will be importing the american version anyway.
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    well the uk version will come out same time as us i would think, just import if not ps3 plays all regions
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    Yes, assumably FFXIII will also be region free?
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    If you have a PS3 you can import it easily. Xbox 360 owners have to wait a year, so I suggest you import for any PS3 owner.
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    I thought you could play region-free games on 360? I bought FC2 online and that came as NTSC-J rather than PAL and it works fine on my European 360... gah It'll probably be 2011 before this game's out on 360 in the UK anyway!
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    I hate Square Enix for this but i love there games so much.
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    I think some games you can. But this game is US-exclusive for the 360. There won't be a 360 version in Japan so we'll still have to wait a year.
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    Well, let's see what games come out between the Japanese release of FF13 and the "western" release.
    If the 360 version of FF13 has Japanese voice option AND if good games come out in between, I don't mind waiting.
    If FF13 is going to have English voice acting like the one in The Last Remnant, I'd rather pay something like 100CAD and import the Japanese version.