FBI only 1MB Per second ?

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    Aug 20, 2015
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    Hey there,

    i tried many SD Cards on my O3Ds XL A9hl out to see if FBI installts my .Cia Files faster.

    I used a 2GB SD Card and FBI needed 5 Seconds for 1MB! It started at 0.00MB and goed up to 1MB in 0.25 Steps (It showed me 0.00MB, 0.25MB, 0.50MB etc.. up to 1MB and i started counnting).

    Then i used my ORIGINAL O3Ds XL 4GB SD Card and the Results was the same like the 2GB SD Card...

    Ago 2 Days i received my new 32GB SD Card (Class 10) that i bought NEW with Guarantee, and the Results with FBI now: It starts with 0.00MB, and goes in 0.25MB steps up, but much faster this Time (Same like before, FBI Shows while installing: 0.25MB, 0.50MB etc. in Steps but the Numbers change in few MILI-Seconds, so thats very fast now).
    It needed 1 Second to go to 1MB, but this is still not enough for me...

    I used a very expensiv FAST SD Card from my Dad (64GB) for testing and it still needs 1 Seconds for 1 MB!.

    The PC Write Speed Resulots of the SD Cards:

    2GB: 8MB Per Second

    4GB: 15,4MB Per Second

    32GB: 20MB Per Second

    64GB: 40MB Per Second.

    I used a Test file to see how fast the Write Speed is from PC to all of the SD Cards.

    Well, my Question is now: Is my FBI installing slow because my 3Ds cant Write more than 1MB in one Second ? the last 2 SD Cards maked only 1MB Per Second in FBI, but the Cards are much faster on the PC.

    I guess its because the 3Ds.
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    There's a lot of factors like the slow arm9 handling the hardware io, encryption and wifi.
    Also, the system reading from, then writing to the sd at the same time to install a cia.

    The speed of the sd card is meaningless when the bottleneck is the system itself.
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    Yup, totally normal. I use this, and it's 1 second per MB.
    It's annoying. Some people like using a Gateway because they don't have to deal with slow CIA installation speed.
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    Aug 20, 2015
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    Thanks, so i know now that my CFW is not Corrupted or my FBI :D. Thats why i asked.

    So there is nothing to do, and the Speed is very okay for me^^
  5. TLOZmaster

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    Feb 21, 2015
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    You could possibly try a different CIA installer and see if that helps. They usually aren't too big either.
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    Aug 2, 2016
    Does it really matter how long it takes as long they install ok.

    Isn't that what matters.
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