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  • Love is the way we are raised to be right/ do right. Unfortunately most of our parents failed especially our fathers as they are supposed to guide his wives and children.

    Love is the Truth without Lies. Love is the Life without death, Life given by God.

    Jesus says “I am the way, truth and life; no man comes to the father except through me”.

    Jesus is Love.
    God is Love.

    God came into my life. I am fulfilled.
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    @Nikokaro I called out to all the Gods I know. I didn't read much into religion or anything despite being raised a non practicing Buddhist, I was more of Atheist or Agnostic. None of the Gods answered my prayer except the Christian God, I felt like I was lifted into heaven and felt this peace beyond anything Ive ever felt in my life.
    @Nikokaro It was like Ive found that missing piece of puzzle that I was looking for, I knew it was God because before then I was having sleep paralysis for weeks everyday. After the exp. my mind went clear, I felt as if I was a child again; I hadn't depression since and found my purpose in life and what I was commanded to do.
    @Nikokaro Its similar to most People who became Christians after super natural experience. Mine was no difference even tho I didn't know Jesus or anybody like that. Similar to this guy's story but he experienced in Satan's temple while mine was at in my small bedroom, its returning to God as child before we fell into our ego really.
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