EZflash IV reform Omega upgraded?


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Dec 31, 2015

So I just bought one of these things EZ-FLASH Omega Upgraded EZ-FLASH REFORM IV EZ4 GBA/SP/NDS/NDSL GAME BOY ADVANCE https://www.ebay.ca/itm/312780370763 because as a GBA flashcart is was a lot cheaper than others. Can someone explain to me what it even is? From what I can tell it's just an EZflash reform with a crappy chinese battery or something.

I don't expect much but am wondering a few things

  1. It claims to support saves to the SD card, this is a huge plus for me as my last flashcart was an EZflash 3in1 and the battery died in like a month so I couldn't save. I really don't care about real time clock

  2. how is compatibility? do games run native? I think the ezflash had trouble with stuff like doom.

  3. can you play multiplayer on it? Even with a rom to actual copy?
plus any other heads up. I'm not too sure on what the differences from reform to omega are, or what this conversion actually is. I just know it was cheap and can't be worse than a Supercard mini.

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