EZ Flash 4 save problems on GBA?

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  1. erinr

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    Jan 5, 2008
    Hi. I ordered an EZFlash4 and 1 gig card for my child for Xmas.

    It works fine, but i'm having real problems saving games...Dogz and Catz games for example...I'll save the game for her, but the next day when we load the game up, it'll only have the new game option- the save is gone! Usually if she has played another game in the meantime.

    Any idea what is doing this? When i save her game and turn the GBA off then back on again for her to play another game, the EZFlash4 always starts writing a new "save" of the last game she played...Is this normal? should i push "L to skip" or let it save? Is this process over-writing the old save?

    Any advice for a noob mum would be great [​IMG]

    p.s- i used the Ezclient 20061010 to patch/load all 60 or so GBA games we have onto the mini sd

    EDIT- i just had a look at the mini sd card on the pc, and there are several (4-5! ) sav files for both catz and dogz, all with weird names like Dogz2s.av, etc, as well as other weird looking ones like "EZ_Flash..sa" , "Mario Pa.rty" , "Horsez.s.av" etc...They all contain zero data and when i try to delete or re-name them i cant! What the?
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    Oct 22, 2006
    in ezclient.enable reset function...
    after u save the game, do a soft reset and u will go to ez4 main menu... in here, save game will automatically save into your micro sd... switch off your gba and run the game again...i hope it help...