Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion 3DS is a 2D Platformer

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    In addition to the upcoming sequel to Epic Mickey on consoles, the 3DS is also getting its own unique game in the Epic Mickey series. Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion is a sort of spinoff of the console version. Developed by Dreamrift, the 3DS version is actually not a fully 3D platforming/adventure game but instead a 2D sidescroller using sprite based graphics. It is also being created apparently as a "sequel" to Castle of Illusion on Sega Genesis. Even the graphics look strikingly similar to Castle of Illusion. The 3D effect is reported to convey a great sense of depth with the game's many scrolling background and foreground layers. I've posted the first screenshot of the game above to give you an idea of the game's style, but please excuse the bad quality as this was taken from a Nintendo Power magazine scan.

    Power of Illusion also makes use of the touch screen for tapping items which you then draw into the environment. This includes platforms and weapons for example. Your accuracy will also come into play as you are penalized for not drawing the image well. For example, you can draw a cannon to hurt enemies. But if you don't draw it correctly, the cannon can backfire and hurt you as well as enemies. You can also use paint thinner to erase certain objects as well. There have been several confirmed characters that appear in the game. Scrooge McDuck appears in one of the screens. Other confirmed characters are Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Minnie Mouse. The witch from the original Castle of Illusion (whom looks very similar to the witch from Disney's Snow White) is reported to be the villain in the game. Your goal is apparently to traverse levels based off of classic Disney movies (such as Sleeping Beauty and Tangled) and save certain characters. When you save the characters, they will take refuge in a sort of hub level fortress that you will visit occasionally.

    Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion does not have a specific release date yet, but it is expected to hit retail around the time the console sequels do autumn of this year. Keep posted, hopefully cleaner screens and maybe a video will be shown off soon!

    Thanks to heartgold for the news!​

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