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    Does sysNAND update while in emuNAND with the 3ds in sleep mode? I had this weird thing happen to my 3ds, I installed bravely default left the 3ds in sleep mode in emuNAND after a while I tried waking it up from sleep mode but all it gave me was a endless black screen, did a hard reset, it didn't coldboot into homebrew launcher like it used to but went straight to homemenu, checked system settings to find out that it updated to 10.3 itself thankfully I downgraded back to 9.2 to find emuNAND to be un-effected, just wondering if this was a one off thing or it'll repeat itself again, btw I permanently blocked the Nintendo urls using the openDNS method hopefully that'll prevent something like this to happen again?
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    No, unless it's a game that resets the 3ds itself when starting, example:Settings app