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    Dec 19, 2007
    I NEED HELP!!!
    First of all, I'm using v1.0 for my EFA(extreme flash advance) for gba.
    This client version does not contain the sync clock button on the pc, so we have to do it manually by pressing select on the boot menu(when gba is on). However, the year,month,day,week,hour,minute,second are reseted after I set them, press A and come back to check it. Also, the digital format time is not displayed on the select game screen.
    What's happening?

    ps: the software installation for versions 1.9, 2.2, or others that I have seen working fine could help me(they have that sync clock button)
    v2.6,2.61,2.62 and the new ones for DS did not recognized my EFA256Mb.


    So, with pokemon games that need rtc, I can't keep the clock running and it's killing me!!!!
    Shall it has anything to do with my time trouble?
    What should I do????
    (I've already tried the patches for clock fixing ruby/saphire and they didn't work)
    How am I supposed to keep the clock running if my efa has no sense of the current time???