Hardware DSi XL cartridge reader is having issues


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Jun 29, 2022
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(sorry for the long text i am super bad at explaining things)
hey everyone, i have a dsi xl with twilight menu and unlaunch installed, so all my games are on an sd card atm.
but back when i was a kid, i had a DSTT card for my dsi (i was 7 and my parents bough it for me), and it worked perfectly for years (well, except for a few roms going corrupt)
then a year or so ago i did a system update which apparently blocked the card (it gave an error upon booting) so i wiped the sd card and reinstalled everything which didn't work, so i wiped it again and gave up. then i installed twilight menu, and never looked at the flashcard again. i did leave it sitting in slot1, and everytime i opened up the select menu (which is the ds classic menu for me) it said ''slot1'' where it was supposed to show the cartridge you had inserted, but i didn't think anything of it because i'd wiped the sd card. fast forward to yesterday, i found a ds cartridge (the game is open seasons for anyone wondering) and i decided to try it, but when i inserted it, it said ''slot1'' again. when i pressed it a bit further down into the slot 1 (i had to hold it down with my finger) it worked and the game was playable. at this point i was sure that it was probably something wrong with the hardware, but i decided to do a little more testing, and this is where it gets weird. if i put the open seasons game in the dsi while its turned off, it works perfectly without me having to press the card down. but, when i put it in with the dsi on it doesn't work? i tried it on the normal dsi menu and same thing happened but it didn't say ''slot1'' like it did in twl menu.
its really weird, because in twl menu the dsi does know that there is a card in the slot 1, but it just can't read it except for when i put it in when the dsi is off like i explained before.
i examined the cartridges and both cartridges have weird scratches on them (the gold part) i added a photo of the open seasons cartridge compared to a mario kart 7 cartridge. idk how much the mk7 card is used because i never owned a 3ds and it's mystery why i even had it in the first place, so yeah.
i think it could be: corrosion, because of the scratches, or the slot 1 somehow got bent because it sort of looks like that when i look inside the slot 1?
but i'm really not sure, help is appreciated!
the cartridges: left is mk7, right is open seasons
WhatsApp Image 2022-11-11 at 13.22.00.jpeg

the screen my dsi shows when i try to launch ''slot1''
WhatsApp Image 2022-11-11 at 13.21.59.jpeg

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