Disney to begin testing wireless device in the par

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    I got this from a Disney forum:

    "From the Orlando Attractions Magazine Blog - http://www.attractionsmagazine.com/blog

    A limited number of families visiting the Magic Kingdom next week will be selected to help test a new service called Disney Magic Connection.

    Disney Magic Connection is actually a special Nintendo DS the family keeps with them for the day at the park. Through the wireless connection they’ll be able to:

    • See interactive maps of the park.
    • Find out wait times and Fastpass availability.
    • Find out what characters are in the park and where to find them.
    • Enter the attractions and shows they’d like to see and have the device organize their day.
    • Play games themed to the attraction they’re visiting.

    Guests will have to leave a credit card number as a deposit, and of course, must return the Nintendo before leaving the park.

    This sounds really cool. I hope the test is a success.

    There’s no word as to whether this is just something that guests can rent, if they can buy their own, use their own Nintendo DS, or what the costs will be."

    It would be sweet if somehow, if possible, maybe someone could sneak this home to a computer and dump this so you wouldn't always have to rent it and leave your credit card number.