Dead Everdrive GB?

Discussion in 'Other Handhelds' started by puszcza, Jan 24, 2017.

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    Feb 10, 2015
    I found offert where guy is selling GB Coolor with everdive. He said, that everdrive just stopped working once and now its dead. He tried to change SD card, it doesnt helped. I`m not sure if it if fake or real.


    So is it possible that it is really dead or just needed change battery or soemthing? Should I take a risk or dont buy?
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    Sep 19, 2013
    i wouldn't get it, unless it's for 5 bucks or some real sweat deal like that...
    there is a high change the guy knows exactly why the card doesn't work and is just giving you "i don't have idea, here you can have it"
    krikkz even has a lifetime warranty (however i don't know if that's just something to look nice, loads of companies say they have similair warranties and then give you all kinds of bullshit when you try to access the warranty)
    i would say, get it for let's say 5 bucks + all the purchase details so you can send it back to repair... it's worth a shot...
    but keep in mind, if the guy is asking even half of the retail prize, better get a new one

    the battery as far as i am aware only keeps the saves, doesn't prevent the card from working., if that guy wasted the money to purcahse that card (which is expensive), he most likely already tried to swap the battery, it's not like theese things are selling in your neighboor shop and he is not aware...
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