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    I am thinking of creating an emunand with SX OS. I currently use 9.0.1 in SYSNAND, very dirty but without connecting to the Internet (no ban, I guess). I have some NSP installed, I usually use XCI (plus its updates on NSP installed) and all savegames. I have burned effuses.

    If I use the option to create Emunand from the sx os boot menu, what should I keep in mind? The idea would be to copy everything from the SD to the computer, create the hidden emunand and then copy the data back to the SD. Would you lose the saved games? I think not. And would I have to reinstall something?

    That for now. Then later I would think about cleaning the SYSNAND to connect online. Any idea how to do it? I have a copy of the nand in 6.1, an almost clean nand (it only loaded some XCI and the game updates were automatically downloaded from the Nintendo servers). But I have burned effuses. Any suggestions?

    Thank you!
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