Chiptune vs OST

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    Ok so Im listening to my 1st chiptune (Chrono Trigger)cause I was kinda wondering what chiptune was.....but my question is what is (if any) difference between chiptune and just getting the OST (which is much easier)
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    ChipTune is a music real time generated by the console/computer audio processor while OST are either orchestra recorded or just playback of that chiptune as an audio file (MP3/WAV...).

    Main difference is the size of the file, while the OST playback of the chiptune music will weight more than 3MB (depending on the file size), the chiptune itself (here it's chrono trigger) will weight 64KB (like any snes music).

    And also the orchestra version will sound much better since it's made with real instruments/person either than a bunch of short sample of sound.