Bought used Wii u, still has previous owner info

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    Hello, 1st thread here.

    I bought a wii u used the other day. I would like to format it, but as I understand just simply formatting the system will not unlink the nnid.

    It says to delete the user, but I need a password, am I sol or is there a way to get it done?

    I have contacted seller but I don't know how they feel lending me a password for this.

    I would just like to make it my own.

    Thanks guys
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    Oct 31, 2012
    Does the Wii U you actually has Homebrew (Haxchi, ect.) ?
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    It doesnt really matter if this user is on it or not, you can still add new users.
    other than that you could try and use a file transfer program like filezilla to delete the user via nand, I wouldn't recommend that though, one small mistake and you're doomed.
    formatting the system is also an option.
    Ask the seller to change the password via the nintendo website to something simple.

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    We're not talking about parental codes.
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