BizHawk version 2.8 was updated!


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Jun 17, 2010
BizHawk the multi system emulator is now version 2.8 right now! Changelog! :teach:

BizHawk 2.8​

  • Windows binary
  • Linux binary
  • Released February 19th, 2022
  • Misc. changes to EmuHawk:
    • fixed various bugs with the Paths config dialog
    • fixed "Close and reload ROM" in Firmware Manager crashing if it was opened from missing FW dialog (#3054)
    • fixed hotkeys triggering accidentally when typing in Virtual Pad fields (#3087)
    • fixed typos which broke INTV, NES, and PSX gamedb lookups
    • fixed known good Saturn BIOS choices marked as unknown (#3095)
    • updated list of Sega CD / Mega CD BIOSes in firmware database
    • many gamedb additions and updates
    • fixed RAM Search difference fields can't fit all possible values (#3117)
    • fixed `File` > `Load State` > `Auto-load Last Slot` breaking movie recording/playback (#2384)
    • fixed .dsm importer
    • fixed .smv importer nagging about core choice thousands of times (#3022)
    • fixed .vbm importer
    • made OSD message duration (time to fade) configurable in UI, and allow API calls to override it
    • added option to split RAM Watch entries (#1024)
    • fixed drag+drop bug (#1483)
    • made `Config` > `Customize...` > `Pause when menu activated` behave consistently
    • fixed overlapping UI elements in Debugger (#3026)
    • tidied up numbering of save slots and TAStudio branches (#3112)
    • fixed `ObjectDisposedException` when triggering single-instance passthrough
    • fixed throttle edge cases
    • fixed edge cases where post-frame tool updates would run twice after a frame advance
    • added more logging and warning dialogs for edge cases
    • many smaller fixes and even some frontend speed optimisations (not sarcasm, this is a first)
  • Linux port:
    • added support for PSX (see Nymashock below) and technically N64 and TI-83 (see Ares64 and Emu83 below)
    • fixed various problems w/ alignment and size under Mono
    • added Nix expression for reproducible EmuHawk (and DiscoHawk) builds without dependency issues
  • TAStudio:
    • re-enabled editing of movie comments (#3063)
    • added an edit dialog for TAStudio palette (#2119)
    • fixed branch screenshots (#1513)
    • fixed weird edge case putting TAStudio in an unaccounted-for state (#3066)
    • fixed error when autoloading a rom and TAStudio AND a .tasproj for a different rom
    • fixed incorrect behaviour when jumping to frame 0
  • Lua/ApiHawk:
    • added support for `"#RRGGBB"` format when parsing colours ("luacolor" in docs) in Lua API
    • fixed `joypad.setfrommnemonicstr` not working without reinitialising MovieSession (#2525)
  • DiscoHawk:
    • fixed deadlocks (#3128)
  • New and graduating cores:
    • Nymashock:
      • new PSX core ported from Mednafen (like Octoshock, though this is newer and more easily updated, which also means it has more peripherals)
    • SameBoy:
      • new ported GB/C core with comparable accuracy to Gambatte and GBHawk (not to be confused with the SameBoy SGB core in older releases)
    • Emu83:
      • new TI-83 core
    • BSNESv115+:
      • BSNESv115+ (the "new BSNES port") is no longer experimental
      • fixed Hex Editor and others using read instead of peek (#3060)
      • implemented memory callbacks
      • fixed ram and rom memory domains
      • increased MmapHeapSize to prevent crashes, affected Star Ocean
      • refactored latching to improve dumping/verification
      • reduced savestate size (increased frequency for TAStudio/rewind)
      • improved speed of fast ppu check
    • MSXHawk:
      • MSXHawk is no longer experimental
      • implemented more hardware/mappers
      • added Linux port
    • Ares64:
      • 2 new experimental cores ported from Ares: one for casual play which is slow and desync-prone ("Performance"), and one for TASing which is even slower but will sync ("Accuracy")
  • Other cores:
    • A7800Hawk:
      • fixed nondeterminism caused by incorrect savestate code
      • fixed Basketbrawl and summer games
      • fixed off pixel detection in write mode, affected baby pac man
    • Atari2600Hawk:
      • fixed audio issues, affected ms pac man
    • Gambatte:
      • updated core
      • fixed error when attempting to write to some registers e.g. with the Debugger (#3028)
      • fixed crash on Linux
      • refactored GambatteLink to be more modular and add support for 3x/4x
      • added proper memory callback scopes for link play
      • enabled disassembly in link play
      • allowed linking w/ GBC cart IR
      • stopped using fine-grained timing for link play when the link is disconnected
      • added more scopes for memory callbacks
    • GBHawk:
      • updated GBA startup state, affected Konami collection vol. 4
      • fixed link play, affected perfect dark
    • Genplus-gx:
      • added support for SRAM larger than 8MB (#3073)
      • prevented crash when loading Debugger (#2769, #2958)
    • Handy:
      • fixed crash on Linux (#2425)
    • IntelliHawk:
      • adjusted sme timings and fixed accesses to registers, affected motocross
      • cleaned up CPU, fix trace logger and throw less exceptions
      • fixed intellicart, affected various homebrew roms
      • fixed MOBs with x-coord 0 being visible, affected bowling
      • fixed overflow flag calculation, affected checkers and reversi
      • more compatibility work
    • MAME:
      • stopped treating warnings as errors
      • set System Bus correctly
    • melonDS:
      • updated core, adding experimental DSiWare support
      • enabled memory callbacks
      • fixed empty strings in firmware settings preventing roms from loading (#3030)
    • Mupen64Plus:
      • fixed haptic feedback causing movie playback to crash
      • enabled GLideN64's texture wildcard support (#3104)
    • NesHawk:
      • added mapper for Pokemon bootlegs
      • fixed not parsing iNES v2 headers (#3082)
      • other small accuracy improvements and bugfixes
    • O2Hawk:
      • fixed blobbers and Popeye
    • PCEHawk:
      • fixed crash related to framebuffer resizing (#3018)
    • SMSHawk:
      • fixed sprite collision inaccuracy (#1611), affected Ecco the Dolphin
      • fixed Fray (vert lock update)
      • fixed SMS backdrop colors
      • fixed ys (JPN) by emulating VRAM masking bit
      • improved SG-1000 8kb ram adapter emulation
    • VectrexHawk:
      • implemented 64K bank switching

Download it here! Available on Windows 64 bit and Linux 64 bit


Enjoy the games! :yay:
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