Battlefield 3...(ps3)

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    this game is a piece of shit...
    iv'e been trying to deal with every god-damn glitch this game STILL has, i'm done.

    spawning with no weapon in a fucking FPS!
    random dying in singleplayer
    a bunch of random audio fuckups...where is the damn testing in this game!?!?

    this shit has existed in THE BETA!!
    and all these jack-holes at ea/dice can do is fucking mess with weapon balancing...yeah, i'll care once i can finally use my fucking weapons....

    iv'e wasted my money, patience, and time with this worthless crappy game.
    the last thing i'll try is to get at least some money off of this game on craigslist, but if i can't...i'm going to break this disc,record it,
    and post it on youtube.

    i'll appreciate any help on any of these glitches...or if anyone wants to vent like i did, go ahead.
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    Yeah, I'm just gonna scoot this on over to blogs.
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    Lol. I do not own it on PS3(Who enjoys max 32 players anyway?!?!?), but i have never experienced spawning without weapon. I ignored singelplayer because its most likely like CoD so didnt bother. Last patch fixed the Dart bug and usas including 1 more shotgun got nerfed. What are u whining about? Never once did i have any audio problem either. This includes that i played beta and the game. Then again it was on PC, but the weapon i can say confidently that the op shotguns got nerfed somehow. You still die right in front of their face though which should be obvious.