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    There are some members that feel really eager to write the most colourful posts possible... literally. Since graphic design is their passion, these threads are usually written in the light theme with no consideration as to the readability in TempStyle Dark. I suggest that text colour could be shifted up a shade or two when displayed in a thread.

    That way, this:


    ...can become this when looked at in TempStyle Dark:


    An alternative suggestion could be to limit the selection to one shade per colour and have them correspond to lighter shades in TempStyle Dark.
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    I don't like how that looks. I do agree that it's an issue though. Often times it's simply because people copy pasted text from another page, and the text happened to be colored blue or black. It might be a good idea to only edit colors that are close to the background color. I would be for that idea. Or maybe automatically strip out colors that are close to the default text color, or black, when a post is made. But of course that wouldn't affect existing posts.
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