Suggestion Adding USN and GBAtemp R&G to the Portal's Quick-Access Bar

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I have had this 'thing' bugging me for quite a while now, and that 'thing' is only something little, but would be nice to have implemented to put my mind (and possibly others' minds?) at ease.

I have noticed for a while that the quick access bar to the left of the portal is missing the USN and Reviews & Guides forum links. So I had an idea, and took the liberty of making the quick-access bar fit every news forum into the top part of the bar. See below:

Before Editing

After Editing

Again, something small, but sometimes it would be nice to get to the USN and R&G sections without having to click on, and try to scan, the forum list to find those sections again. Especially if you lurk those parts frequently!

Your thoughts? Would it be a useful shortcut to invest in?

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