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    Jun 2, 2013
    United States
    I'm digging around in Pandora's Tower, trying to investigate the problems with the glitch. I realize this isn't strictly about emulation or homebrew, but given the nature of my question, this looked like the most appropriate forum.

    The game has a bunch of archives in AAR format, and I've traced the possible sources of the glitch into two of these archives. I'm on Linux, so AARTool won't run for me, and I can't find any live download links for it anyway, so I've been working on my own tools using the docs at http://jumpstars.wikispaces.com/File+Formats with some success. The top-level archives are ALAR Type 2, and the docs seem to work out.

    Inside these are some archives that claim to be ALAR Type 3, but they don't match the page's docs. They're not ALAR Type 2 either; I tried that already. I've made a tiny bit of progress reverse-engineering the format, but not a huge amount. Does anyone have links to more complete (or at least recent documentation), or a working link to AAR Tool? Thanks!
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