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Dec 1, 2022
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Hello everyone, I've been messing around with the one of the Nitro SDK dumps for a few days. I've sorted everything that's both in English and for the DS rather than the DSi, and after many hours of tweaking and reinstalling Windows 2000 in a VM I have a lot working. I'm not sure if anyone would want it, but I am planning on uploading the VM (in .OFV format) back to Archive.org where I got the SDK dump from in the first place. I will definitely post a link here once my account allows it.

Installed Software​

  • CodeWarrior for Nintendo DS
    • SDK Support: v2.0, v2.1, v3.0
  • Ensata
  • Cygwin w/ make v3.80_1
    • Required specific versions to build the SDK.
    • Completely untested, I don't own hardware.
    • VM contains drivers for hardware.
  • Nitro-Character
    • I've removed licensing system, but I've also left the un-patched binary.
  • Nitro-SoundMaker
  • NITRO 3D Material Editor
    • And various 3D tool plugins.
  • Misc Single-Purpose Utilities
I have also copied documentation, example projects, and libraries to the VM. Many, many components are missing. If you have any software not listed please send it my way! Unlicensed software is welcome.


I got stuck trying to make this work for a while, what eventually worked is configuring the VM's RTC to January of 2005. After a fresh install I was able to build the scaffolding project you can see below. According to the documentation CodeWarrior should be able to debug with Ensata, but I haven't figured out how to do this yet.

Screenshot from 2022-12-01 06-45-40.png


Demo project from the SDK dump.

Hardware Tools​

I can't test these, but I am really temped to spend a lot of money on NITRO development hardware... you've probably seen these before but if not there are interface screenshots in the spoiler below.



GUI Utilities​

The dump I've got contains two graphics tools, and one audio tool. Every other piece of software on the VM is a relatively tiny single-purpose utility.


NITRO System 3D Material Editor

The 3D material editor serves two purposes according to its documentation. First it's meant as a way to view your 3D models on a physical device, you're intended to connect to your NITRO-Viewer. It is also used to edit ("handle" as they put it) 3D files output from 3D tools using the official plugins.


NITRO Sound Maker
I have absolutely no clue what this is supposed to do, the documentation says it produces sound files for "Nitro-Composer" which I can find no reference to anywhere online outside of a file format. My best guess is that this software allows you to convert your audio from external sources to something DS compatible.


NITRO Character
This one is super cool, I am sure this hasn't been touched in years because the licensing system relied on a long-dead online service. It's described as "the development tool that is used for creating graphics for NITRO hardware". I am going to try running this on modern Windows soon, I'd love to share the license patch but my account doesn't allow it yet.

Next Up​

I've just found out that the Pokemon Platinum leaks contain the latest known version of the Nitro SDK, so my next step is to try and locate that. It also contains NDS boot ROM source code with a CodeWarrior project file, which would be pretty cool to try building. I doubt I could figure out how to make this CodeWarrior install compatible with newer SDKs though. I'm also going to search for any more leaks that might contain software.

That's all I've got to share for now, pretty pointless thread but I find this kind of stuff interesting. One step closer to reproducing an official development environment, if only I could find the 17 missing links in software and afford a few thousand $$ in hardware! :lol:


Sep 13, 2022
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I'm not sure if anyone would want it, but I am planning on uploading the VM (in .OFV format) back to Archive.org where I got the SDK dump from in the first place. I will definitely post a link here once my account allows it.
Unfortunately, you can't post warez here. Read the rules smh.
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