A question about virginizing vWii

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    My Wii U is having some hardware issues and I'm thinking about sending it in to Nintendo if the problem persists, but my vWii is still softmodded. I haven't used vWii in about two years since I just use my original Wii for that sort of thing, so I can't remember everything I have installed. I know I have HBC installed and can run ISOs through USB Loader GX, but I don't know if I have anything else.

    Is there an easy way (or any way, for that matter) to see all unofficial channels, cIOS, etc. on my vWii so I can remove it and Nintendo won't see any traces of it?
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    Nintendo will always see leftover traces (if they are even looking for them nowadays).
    The only way you could guarantee that a Wii was virginized was to do a hardware backup (before the system booted) and then a hardware restore (from original backup). A WiiU is far more complicated to revirginize.