Zelda Spirit Tracks (E)

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  1. Nay-Kee

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    Dec 10, 2009
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    before someone starts to complain: here the European version of Zelda Spirit Tracks should be discussed, i tried the search but only found satisfying threads about the us version.

    The Problems i experienced were the same than in US Version:
    - Save File is created everytime i start the game (so saving is possible but savefile can't be loaded because its overwritten during the next start of the game)
    - No Controls while driving the train
    - eventually more, but only could plan until the train ride

    couldn't test it up to now with the patch+savefile which work for the us version (as discussed here) because i have no cardreader with me, but other peoble reported i wouldn't work (i read: patch can't be applied because of checksum)

    Someone knows already a solution? Maybe a patch for (E) Version.

    Im using a cycloDS with Firmware 1.56B3 bur it might be interesting to other people with different systems or system versions, too
  2. Hatsu

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    Oct 19, 2009
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    Maybe it has different anti-piracy?

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    Maybe it has different anti-piracy?
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