Zelda Oracle Of Seasons And Ages

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    Not quite sure where to place this thread, so sorry if its in the wrong board.

    I remember the Zelda series on my Gameboy Color years back. I owned Zelda Oracle of Seasons. I beat the game twice and absolutely found the game magnificent. I also played Links Awakening, which was another amazing game as well. I felt that Oracle Of Seasons was a great direction for the series.

    One thing that I always wanted to try was the gameboy link where Zelda Oracle Of Seasons and Ages can go and trade rings and try other secretes and the Heros Cave. Thing is I neverhad an opportunity to buy a link cable and have someone beat the ages game so we can do trades and try the heros cave.

    I was wandering if anyone can share their stories and thoughts on this. I would appreciate if someone could tell me if it is possible to do this through an emulator and then possible enable a sort of netplay to do trades and link up.

    Thank You
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    The Gameboy Color Emulator BGB (http://bgb.bircd.org/) has link capabilities. I just tested it with Super Mario Deluxe. Supposedly it works across the internet/network, but you can just launch the emulator twice and have them link to each other.

    Hope this helps!
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