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  • hey sorry was reading through some older threads and saw you saying you might be willing to forward Nintendo UK purchases to the US. Not really sure how to private message on here but thanks for looking
    You're the 2nd person to ask this week, you'd have to private message me and you can't do that until you have 10 posts
    Hey there, still offering $100 if you can extract my Mew, Mewtwo, and Blastoise from that file I uploaded in the the thread in 'Other Handhelds'. Please let me know what you find <3
    Hey yusuo, is it okay I used my own background for my entry? The background was used back in the days of Xuphor LOL JUST FOR THE LOLZ
    Hey i saw your post in that Majoras mask rom thread and i cant find it for the life of me.
    Pls invite to that torrent site you found it on if possible.

    pls n thanks
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    yumzion90 @ yumzion90: Hey question anyone got 100% switch saves