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Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by Hadrian, Jan 21, 2009.

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    IGN & GoNinetendo are trying to get the latest game from n-Space published. IGN have written this article, sounds like the game could be promising if someone picks it up so n-Space can continue it.

    Game synopsis:
    Sounds like Silent Hill huh?



    I like the way this looks ok not graphically, this is early footage but it still looks better than most Wii titles out there. I like the way the monster moves and the atmosphere.

    Recent games they've done have been Geist for the Gamecube and was a good but flawed game, let down by framerate. One of those games that I'd welcome a remake of on the Wii. They also did both of the Call of Duty DS games, the last one was actually probably the best they could have on the DS and with the time they got given to develop it. They also did Star Wars: The Force Unleashed but it was just average to me.

    There is also a petition to show publishers that people are interested in. Game petitions usually only work 10% of the time but I'm sure it wont take too much time to sign.
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    Already signed it!

    The game has a good "Silent Hill" feeling on it, quoting Zero Punctuation, most survival horrors games from last year were action games with monsters and dark areas! This game has a more classical survival horror feeling to it.

    I hope showing this to public has the same effect High Voltage had with The Conduit..
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    Looks pretty dang good, we need more point n' click-esque games, and we seem to have a lack of survival horror games too, especially with no RE5 heading to Wii. Totally hope this gets published.