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Well, I'm currently using

System Specs:
CPU: i7-720QM
GPU: Nvidia GT 240M (1024MB)
Memory: 4GB
OS: Windows-7 (64-Bit)

(1) Object Dock (256 MB)(conserving ram).
(2) VistaSwitcher (Alt-Tab Replacement)
Fairly light usage RAM wise

Mainly I'm interested in a program/utility that will let me control the opacity of windows (so I can see more than one program or utility) when I'm multitasking. I don't have a 1920x1080 resolution, so an application or utility that lets me make programs transparent (for example; so I could see through firefox into my Open-Office essay/homework, finish a thought, and switch quickly back to firefox to surf for 5-10 minutes, but think about how to continue?

Basically, just some sort of utility that would lend itself towards helping me manage my 1600x900 resolution so that I can avoid having to micro/macro-manage my windows on my laptop screen when I'm working on more than one task.


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DaRk_ViVi said:
I don't know how to help you, but you can try Rainmeter for some cool gadgets on your desktop. ^^

My brother uses rainmeter. I like keeping my desktop relatively clean for wallpapers =P

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