Wii U Gets Green Hill

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Nintendo has announced that it will partner with development company Green Hills Software to create and implement a development solution for its coming Wii U game console. The company will provide its MULTI integrated development environment to help third parties more easily and efficiently write code for the impending system. It will hopefully help third-party game makers to come on board and support Nintendo in the next generation.

“We selected the Green Hills Software solution because it generates highly optimized code, and Green Hills provides excellent global support,” Nintendo senior managing director of integrated research and design Genyo Takeda said. Nintendo has a great, storied history and of course has moments of industry innovation and record sales. But despite all that, it doesn’t have a super great record of developer relations.

A Nintendo console needs only a Mario game, a Pokemon game, and a Zelda game to be profitable. There are no other franchises in the entire industry like that. But it doesn’t mean Nintendo can not care about third-party developers. The Wii is a case study in the direction that a console takes when it isn’t receiving huge amounts of envelope-pushing support from other players in the industry. Hopefully this partnership with Green Hills Software is a point in the right direction.

Source: http://www.slashgear.com/nintendo-wii-u-gains-green-hills-partner-30220813/
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