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  1. Hadrian

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    Oct 12, 2004
    "Those rumour-mongering scamps at NeoGAF have posted up a message purportedly from a 'press insider', presumably given to them in a dark alley in some kind of swanky looking briefcase.

    There's rather a lot of information, so I'll give you a condensed version - remember, these 'facts' are completely unsubstantiated for the most part so they might not be true:

    Metroid Prime 3 will have downloadable extra missions, suits, weapons, and so on.

    Smash Bros uses either classic controller / GC controller or a Wii remote / nunchuck combination.

    Super Mario Galaxy allows you to explore the interior of giant planets - the game will also use WiiConnect24. Somehow.

    A trailer reel was shown featuring ( amongst others ) Mario Kart Wii, Vision Red ( a new RPG from Nintendo ), Animal Crossing, Wii Music, Wii Health.

    Finally, an epic-sounding video was shown that finishes with Link and a massive triforce 'smashing into pieces.' ( I love that bit ).

    How plausible is all that then? It could be educated guesswork, as nothing sounds particularly unexpected. It's unlikely Nintendo will comment on any of it as the information they released at the press summit is currently under embargo."

    Would be great if all were true but lets wait for official confirmation shall we [​IMG]
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    Probably fake but either way I guess until E3 we won't know for sure...

    Regardless of it's authenticity some of the stuff is fairly obvious... I mean like Smash Bros classic/GC control support was already known about - and it would make sense to add Wii remote/nunchuck controls in some form, since not everyone will have a classic or GC controller.
    The original article also mentioned a new character was unveiled, but didn't say who... which reeks of BS.

    Animal Crossing and Mario Kart Wii are a given - I'd be very suprised not to see these two at E3.

    As for a new Zelda, Nintendo MUST be working on something as we speak...

    Vision Red, again lacking on the details doesn't help credibility of the author but totally plausible.

    There was also a menton in the original article of a Demo Channel, to download demos of upcoming Wii and VC games, which would be quite cool.

  3. jaxxster

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    Havent nintendo confirmed that they're at least a year already into the new zelda?
  4. sekhu

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    Feb 14, 2007
    never heard that rumour, from what I heard the next zelda would be done from scratch from the ground up to take full advantage of the wiimote, unlike twilight princess, and will be unlike any zelda before it due to the controls.
  5. imgod22222

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    Hmm.. after reading that, i think of that zelda bit being part of the opening video for Super Smash, where they have like every main character doing some cool stuff... yeah. That's what i think, anyway.
  6. Hadrian

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    Oct 12, 2004
    I reckon you're right, I'm sure the developers are giving Zelda a bit of a break before they go into another game, even then they'll regroup to come up with new themes/ideas and so on so would be at least a year before they'd even start on actual development.

    This is Nintendo not Sony remember [​IMG]
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    Source from source from source Ow wait last one has been edited:

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    When is E3?
  9. squirt1000

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    Not for a while but i think i need to complete zelda soon before mario kart and animal crossing take over with the other dwellers of the house [​IMG]