1. kiersere

    OP kiersere Newbie

    Apr 12, 2009
    Hi, I was looking around the internet for info on installing WAD's because for some reason it stopped working with the WAD Manager I have and showed an error code. After looking around I came to Backup Laucher some how and was shocked to say the least. I went straight into trying to do it and saw it had to be done differently with higher firmware. Unfortunatly I didn't realise my firmware was even higher! I am now searching everywhere for a way to install it as I would just like to have a chance at playing My Super Mario Galaxy which was scrathed so much even Game's speacial disc scrath mremover didn't solve it. If any one can post the full instructions and files to do it I'd be very grateful.

    By the way: As I said I was looking for a solution to the WAD problem. I saw a few solutions but believe them to be the same firmware below 4.0E. If anyone has that info any I'd be very grateful.

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