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  • Hi man. Would there be another update to the Yo-Kai Watch 4 project? Thank you very, very much for the YW1, I enjoyed it in a incredible way. God bless, stay in touch!!!
    Here's your Yu-Gi-Oh Saikyou Card Battle (English Patch 2021) translation. I've made it into an xdelta patch. I used CRC32: 9239D125 for the original .CIA, with your patched one, to create the patch.


    • Yu-Gi-Oh Saikyou Card Battle (English Patch 2021).zip
      6.9 MB · Views: 135
    • Yu-Gi-Oh Saikyou Card Battle (English Patch 2021) _ GBAtemp.net - The Independent Video Game C...zip
      3.4 MB · Views: 96
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    M @ Mr_Start: this place doesn't has a clear tutorial for 3ds banners