What to do now with my new PSTV?

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    Hi there everyone !

    Recently I bought a new PSTV. Now it´s installed, HENkaku enabled. Great.

    First thing to do with it, obviously: Play games. Wonderful. Also there are homebrew games and emus. I know. I also know the Steam game stream app, though I didn´t try, yet and doesn´t make much sense for me since I play better at my desktop.

    But now I ask myself: What else can I do with it ?

    Ok, there is a mail client and a browser. Though it does not make so much sense without a keyboard. Are there wireless keyboards compatible with the PSTV ? With a keyboard still the browser seems a bit slow, outdated, uncomfortable. Aren´t there any other (actual) browsers ?

    Next thing, are there any apps? I mean, apps, as we know them from our tabs and phones. Something to make the PSTV more useful.

    For example:
    - A audio / video player with (PC) network streaming capabilities (FTP / SMB support)
    - Some remote client (TeamViewer, VNC)
    - Some streaming service app (Spotify, Netflix etc.)
    - Some office tool (Microsoft Office, Libre Office)
    - Some ebook / comic reading app (ComicRack, Adobe Reader, MoonReader)
    - Some reading flat app (readfy, readly, Skoobe)
    - Messenger / Chat app (Skype, Whatsapp etc.)
    - Social network app (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc.)
    - Any other kind of app (f.e. Ebay, ParcelTrack, Cloud, FileExplorer etc, etc, etc.)

    I mean, as long as the thing is just to play with it (or use a few extra features with a PS3/4), it seems a bit like a waste to me and I might consider to sell it again then, since other set-top boxes or consoles would be much more useful then for me.

    Thanks !
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    The PSTV is basically a vita in a box to be used in a TV, if playing Vita/PSP/PS1 games and a few homebrews/emulators is not enough functionality for you... Well you bought the wrong device then...
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