wad installing a game brought from a shop

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    i have limited knowlege on what updates the new shop channel brought, from what i understand nintendo isnt checking the TMD on your wii system anymore for downloading games, they bass it on what you actualy brought yes? so i actualy have about 20 VC brought games from nintendo but nintendo hasnt updated these to 480p so i hardly every play them tbh. so if i was to dump or download these games edit, reinstall with the same ID(overwriting the download from nintendo game) would i be able to download these games from the shop again, seeing as these games wernt cheap (about £10 for Z-ALTTP) id still like the option to download these at a later date should anything happen for nintendo to delete these modded versions.
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    I would think in either case you would be able to download them again. Unless they start doing hash checks against the installed titles compared to the official downloads, using the same title id should ensure that you can still re-download them whether they pull info from server side records or machine TMD

    And i don't see ninty going through the trouble to run a hash check against a list of valid hashes during an update.... maybe server side if the games use wii connect on a per game basis... Update wise would probably take awhile considering the size of the available VC content.
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    You could probably,but be warned,no guarantee