vWii titles: .UPx and WIIH?

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    Jan 28, 2014
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    Okay, this came to me when I tried to dig into two vWii NAND dumps my friend sent me (Both are Japanese Wii U s), and a syscheck made by a PAL Wii U user.

    About the .UPx:
    Tthere's a folder named 0055504a under Nand:/title/00010000 of both of the vWii dumps, the PAL sys check indicates a Save data for a software titled 00555050 and used IOS4.

    The directory Nand:/title/00010000/00555045 also exists in deadlyfoez's Wii Mini NAND dump.
    As for all of the 005550xx folders, the subfolder "content" only holds a title.tmd and the "data" folder has nothing.

    As for WIIH:
    It's installed at NAND:/title/00010008/57494948, so it's a hidden channel.
    Showmiiwads indicates that the WIIH title runs on IOS58, has a version number 1, and has a region flag of Japan for the NAND dumps.

    BTW, syscheck for that PAL Wii U user:
    The .UPx and the WIIH channels cannot be downloaded from the NUS at all, unlike other vWii channels(they can be downloaded but cannot be packed.)

    Anyone has an idea what these two channels are for?

    (BTW, there's a chance that these titles might have been installed by some homebrew, so I need a method to check the signature of the ticket and tmd and see if they're real or trucha signed. Please help if you know! :))