Hacking vitashell > usb on stuff thats not windows

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with vitashell ive noticed that i can only mount my vita in windows or ubuntu
but my main os is solus
and other ppl have had the same problem in the past
so i have a solution-ish
i just discovered by accident that you can mount it
back when irma was hitting i accidently formated my vita with gparted
i was trying to format a ext4 partition to fat32 so my windows partition would reconise it
and i got distracted and accidently formated my vitas mem card
both were 32gb and i was distracted so im pretty sure anyone could make that mistake in those conditions
but i was just going to put some stuff on my vita so i could bring it back
ad i had previously accidently formated it to fat32
it now mounts on my solus partition
this may be a solution-ish thing for others (mounts as read only on my laptop, dont own a mac so i cant test on that, havent seen if you can still write to it in windows because i dont want to ever use windows again unless its my vm)
if anyone else wants to try i highly reccomend copying every file and folder on the mem card to your computer so you can put it back on your card when your done
so far i know this works on my solus partition and on whatever linux distro my older brother uses

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