Vegas Pro Chroma Keyer Problem?!

Discussion in 'General Tutorials' started by mikeyt1998, Apr 2, 2015.

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    Answered my own question! See bottom for details in case you ever come across it!

    Just a quick question... Every single clip in my video appears to have chromo Keyer activated, causing green things to be discoloured!

    I have no idea how all of the tracks have had this applied, but clicking properties and checking it's details out, it doesn't appear to have any effects attached to it!

    The video is almost 20 minutes long using hundreds of clips, so I don't want to have to delete them all and then put them all in the same exact format again! :(

    If anyone could help that'd be a godsend.

    Here's a pic to help understand, the Rupees and stamina guage should be green, not black :@ :

    Fix was that Chroma Keyer was selected in video Output FX, causing the whole thing to get the effect instead of just one clip! (see red squares):
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    in all my years of using vegas I have never seen anything like this