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    So I'm pretty new to this site and I didn't know where to post this so I'll post it here. I've been trying to use the emunand in usb loader gx but every wii ware game I try to load just stops at a black screen . I'm new to soft modding so I don't really know what I did wrong . I think I successfully installed d2x cios but I might've did it wrong. Can anyone help me?
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    You didn't know where to post a question about Wii USBLoaders, so you posted it in the game Review section? (let's pick randomly).

    I'm moving it to the wii USBLoader section of the forum.
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    People says that other usbloaders has greater compatibility with vc/ww, i dont know, because I dont use them. I've experienced the same problem you have with usbloaderGX. I prefer install WW wads on real nand, via wad manager: its always works. VC i dont use cause there's homebrew emulators better than nintendo vc (except for n64 one).
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