Updating Wii 4.2

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by kreg, Oct 31, 2009.

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    May 21, 2009
    Hey GBAtemp

    First i want to say sorry if something like this has already been posted, i used search and didnt find anything relevant to my case.

    Ive been modding my own wii for a while with no props, but the other day a lady friend of mine called and asked if i could fix their wii's, she shows up with two wii's and explains shes had someone else modding it for a while, but after hes bricked 3 other wii's, she dropped him as her modding guy..
    Hes already modded the two wii's on earlier dates, and she explains that nothing has really worked properly, as he just installed a bunch of stuff which he apperently had no idea what did..

    So i promised i would have a look at it for her, my first thought was to get it revirginized and reinstalling HBC/Backuplauncher/bootmii from scratch..

    I dont dare using the revirginization guide in Completesoftmodguide site, as i dont really know what the guy has been doing with it.. Whats the risk of doing a format and then a Wii update from nintendo and then starting from scratch, or does anyone else have better ideas..

    I just want clean it up so i can start over and hopefully do it right [​IMG]
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    Jun 13, 2009
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    Try using the search again , as there are 50million ppl tryin to get their wiis back to normal, and it doenst matter if it exactly matches what youre doing, its the same thing. the first 10 results are the right answer, lets not make the first 11 the answer ok?
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    I would just do an update through nintendo and then proceed with the guide to re hack it.

    if you format the wiis you will loose all the game saves and i think you loose any vc/wiiware games that have been downloaded.I would check with the owner of the wiis and make sure its ok to format them before you do so.If you do it without asking you might end up like the last guy and be dropped from being the mod guy for deleting all the game saves.
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    the revirginizing guide is completely safe, your IOS's return to normal.
    and you get rid of anything that could have been previously installed.