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    Jun 28, 2018
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    To elaborate I have a 6.61 theme I'm working on and got a few bugs worked out but one of the last bugs I'm working on is editing the "System Update" text on the far top left of the PSP menu.
    I KNOW there's a way to hex edit the text that's displayed there, I also know that you can change what it says in topmenu_plugin.rco but whenever I change it, it just makes no difference...
    Every time I turn on the PSP it still displays "System Update" as the top option on the far left settings selection. Please, a little help would be greatly appreciated I'm finally making 6.61 themes lol.
    Give a brother a hint!! I'll try anything as long as I have some guidance.

    I want the displayed "System Update" text switched to "Reset / + R = Shutdown"

    @godreborn Any input on this? Or are you strictly Vita?

    EDIT: Never mind found it in topmenu_plugin...inside the English.xml file when I dumped the .rco file.
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